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    Design a 1GHz Fully-Differential OP amp

    I assume 1GHz is the unity gain bandwidth of your opamp. Can you tell me how much the load capacitance is? A compensated opamp has a unity gain bandwidth of about (gm/CL)*0.5, where gm is the transconductance of the last stage.
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    about total harmonic distortion

    total harmonic distortion explained I haven't tried out the component fourier2ch. There is more information in the cadence document. Try to use spectre -h fourier to get the detailed description. There is also a very good reference in the website of Cadence. It may help you to understand...
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    about total harmonic distortion

    total harmonic distorsion An easy to determine the THD/SFDR or whatever, is to make use of the component fourier/fourier2ch. These two components are located in analogLib and they are specific to the cadence simulator spectre. If you place them in a schematic and run a transient anaysis, you...
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    why power down current shaking

    Probably the transceiver and the panel has different ground potential, which causes quiescent current flow.
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    Precaution to take in Analog Circuit design

    I think the second document is a very summary of VCO phase noise
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    saving simulation waveform in Cadence

    Use the Menu: [result--save...] in ADE. It should work.
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    CDR with half rate PD Question

    pd-question Maybe you should measure the jitter of the VCO at locked status to decide whether the loss of data is attributed the phase noise of VCO. You should definitively simulate the phase noise of the VCO. You can use PSS option of the simulator SpectreRF for fast buggeting of the phase...
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    who can help me? Spiral inductor simulation by HF$$9

    It is unnecessary to define mesh size of a dielectric layer proportional to the seperation of metal traces of a spiral inductor, 'cause that will make the simulator divide the whole layer into equally small tetrahedras, and this will waste you a lot of simulation time provided your computer is...
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    Wihich software is better for simulating slot spiral antenna

    Re: Wihich software is better for simulating slot spiral ant You can try HFSS from Ansoft. According to my experiences, this simulator is faster than Microwave Studio, which enables you obtain enough accurate result within acceptable time and with intermediate hardware resources.
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    Help me solve some differential equations

    Re: differential equations Differential equation whose solution satifies the existence and uniqueness can be solved by using Lie-algebra. The problem then is to find the suitable infinitesimal transformation which can be admitted by the equation itself. More information in the classic book...
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    How to install Cadence IC5.0.33 under Linux RedHat9

    how to install cadence in linux After Cadence IC5.0.33 is installed under RedHat9, the file manager can not start properly due to the bug of RH9. This problem will be solved by updating glibc. 1. download the update package from web, the required the packages are, glibc-2.3.2-27.9.7.i386.rpm...
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    Cadence IC5 display problem on RedHat 7.2

    Re: ic50 display problem? This is weird. I'v never encountered such problem. Maybe you should reinstalled the software.
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    How to install Cadence IC5.0.33 under Linux RedHat9

    how to install cadence How to install Cadence IC5.0.33 under Linux RedHat9 This is already a topic which has been discussed for year. With no doubt, Redhat7.2 is a classic and wide spreaded Linux distribution version, therefore it is compatible with most eda software. However Redhat7.2 is too...
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    low current to charge cupacitor

    Using CMOS current mirror can also achieve such accuracy. At least a current output unit of a few pico Ampere is possible, whereby the MOSFET operates probably in the sub-threshold regime.
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    PSpice error: Not a valid parameter for model type

    pspice 9.1 simullation Hi pisoiu, To solve your problem, follow the steps below: 1. Add a part which names "PARAM" to your schematics. This part is located in the library "special.olb" under the folder of "...\capture\library\pspice". 2. Double click the PARAM component; add a new property to...
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    online purchase of Microwave component?

    Find it directly in the website of the manufacturers, such as Motorola, Agilent...
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    Looking for books/papers about Electromagnetics

    Re: Electromagnetics This site is really useful! I didn't know it before!

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