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  1. J

    design a PCB

    Hello all Professionals, Can anyone help me design the circuit for a 1x9 fiber optic transceiver, I have some sample boards too. Can you guys help me with any maxim integrated ics ex max3766 or etc. for the laser driver and Philips sa5234d or etc for the TIA. I will be great-full for anyone who...
  2. J

    need help to calculate the voltage and current if possible on a pin of max3766. Circu

    Hello all senior ENGINEERS, THANKS TO ALL THOSE DEXTERS AND INTELS IN ADVANCE. I am not an electronics students, I dont know much of the electronics. I get help from this forum, whenever I need. I want to calculate the voltage and or current from the op-amp max495 to the pin MD. Datasheet...
  3. J

    test smd capacitors for current flow

    Dear Al members and senior engineers, I have soldered few smd ceramic capacitor on my board (0603), And i though of testing them by using a multimeter. Unfortunately the multimeter cant check the capacitance and so i turned the wheel to buzzer sound positing. And i went on checking the leads of...
  4. J

    best solder paste for smd qfp or bga soldering

    Hello all senior members, I am looking for a best solder paste to solder components of smd and qfp sizes. Does anyone here can recommend a best choice.? I have been trying two companies which have failed me. To my shock mechanic solderpaste dont even melt while the board did 8-O . I am sure all...
  5. J

    Can anybody help me out in developing a PSK or QAM modulator using ICs or other compo

    Hello all, I want to design a simple circuit which can transport Ethernet packets over coaxial or a pair of wires. I am planning to use pic microcontroller for the ethernet mac and phy. I am searching for a low cost good solution to generate psk or qam signal corresponding to the data contained...
  6. J

    pic18f4550 bootloader is not working, Can I reprogram it using ISP or something?

    Hi all, I am all new to microcontrollers. I have a dev kit with pic18f4550, The pic came with a boot loader which was invoked or started by pressing the buttons given on the board. The problem - It was given in the documentation that the pic mcu must have hs+pll, hs usb configuration for...
  7. J

    problem using the timer0 with PIC18F4550, Please help. I am new to these things

    Hello all, I have a devl kit with pic18f4550. I am using programming the chip using the USB bootloader. The code given in the cd that came iwth the kit worked fine but its not working if i try to change the timing in the code. Bellow is the code that is working. A led is attached to the d1 and...
  8. J

    newbie question good book for pic microcontrollers

    Hello all, I am all new to electronics. I am learning few topics. I would like to know which is the best book for learning pic microcontrollers. Please do reply me. Thank you.
  9. J

    Newbie question, power switching

    Hello all, I am a newbie and would like to know, if it is possible to construct a very high speed (bandwidth) power / voltage switch using a microcontroller or a driver to power a led or laser in the order of micro or nano seconds. For example the microcontroller should power on the laser for...

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