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    re: problem on inverter simulation

    re: problem on inverter simulation Hello everyone, I'm in a dilemma of finishing my inverter design. I simulate this with a MULTISIM release 10 (student version) but can't get exact what I want with my design. May I request everyone those who are interested to simulate this design for me using...
  2. J

    12Vdc to 230 Vac Boost inverter design

    boost converter schematic Hello all, Could you please help me to simulate this simple boost inverter design using Multisim: The original switch controller for my Power MOSFET is LM5022 (10 pins). But I cannot find this LM5022 in the library of the Multisim 8. That's why I used LM555 (8 pins)...
  3. J

    12 Vdc to 240Vac fuel cell inverter

    Hello all, I already read a lot of the threads in this forum and I'm very satisfied with the results that I got. I also used some of the posted circuit diagrams already on this forum, and I could say that they are effective. May I again request for a simple circuit diagram of an inverter of 12...

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