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  1. tobb

    need J-TAG schematic for LPC21XX ARM

    lpc21xx schematic Hello .. I bought a LPC2106 Chip from the shop and I would like to search for J-TAG schematic for it . SO I could build it by may self. I try to search this forum but I still not see schematic. I very new in arm so if you could give an example idea on how to download program...
  2. tobb

    Max7219 with eight 7segment (0.5 inch height) not bright

    Hi .. I use max 7219 with 8 digit 7segment. each segment is about 0.5 inch height. I try serveral value of Rset and use intensity at 31/32 duty cycle. It still dose not bright enough. If i use direct connect R 470 Ohm to the segment it very bright. I connect the circuit follow the datasheet. I...
  3. tobb

    Which network type use to connect to 4 slave in 4 direction

    I wonder if I want to control 4 slave pass through a microcontroller serial port. Which network type should I use because it go in 4 direction from controll box with more than 100 m from controll box. So I will have 4 wire come out from master microcontroll box to each slave. and use only one...
  4. tobb

    any resource to build melabs serial epci programmer

    serprog Hi.. I have serveral problem with pic programmer using my notebook printer port. Now I looking for good serial programmer. Not a serial bit programmer like jdm or npic. I found interest on melabs serial epic programmer so I wonder if any resource to build it Thank
  5. tobb

    need example project using rfpic

    rfpic example Hi.. I bought some microchip rfpic and rfrdx chip. I am try to find example on rfpic development and pcb design with simple component that could find easy on market. The development tools from microchip is good but component is hard to find in normal market. It also all in smd. So...
  6. tobb

    any software for pic kit 1 usb flash programmer for more pic

    Hi .. I have read datasheet on pickit1 usb flash programmer on Microchips website. This board is lowcost usb programmer for pic12 and pic16 with 8 or 14 pins. It use VB to write for host software. I wonder is any one try to change this VB code to make it support more number of pic. I have some...
  7. tobb

    any information on connect uC with straingauge

    www.linear.com/pdf/an43.pdf I want to built weight measurment control with Micro controller which have 10bit ADC on it. But my problem is i have no idea how to connect straingauge or loadcell to ADC off micro controller port. the straingauge that i have it give very small value different. ie...
  8. tobb

    what micro that free and easy to dev board for lan/tcp ip

    Hi ... I'm start to study on controll micro pass internet TCP/IP and lan.. What micro that easy to build a board .. that i could build with my self. my aim is to learn how to controll micro trough internet or intranet using lan. I not have much knowlage on TCP/IP stack so I need to find a simple...
  9. tobb

    what xtal valu i could used for msp430 and how fast it cando

    Hi.. I just got one sample of msp430 from ti. I ask for it because i want to study it. I had download IAR MSP430 from ti and start built jtag follow circuit from olimex. but i still confuse with it.. most of evaluation board use 32.768 kHz xtal. and in ti datasheet it say this micro had...
  10. tobb

    Which Micro i should use for my project and in future.

    If i want to design my new project and I'll need to use that micro for long future time ( ie at least 2-3 year) which micro that I should used. My project is about controlling.. some easy robot .. some Led matrix display charactor controll and some fast calculation ie.. robot with ccd eye...
  11. tobb

    Have any one try to make pic ICD-S for CSS PCW

    I saw in this webboard that it say just changed the firmware on mplab icd . had any one try it yet ?. and if so where could i possible to download ccs icd firmware or it can't be download. thanks
  12. tobb

    Beginner in MPS430 need some advice

    Hi .. I like to begin work with mps430 any body could tell me the good or bad about it compare to AVR or Pic.. I think it looking good but I have no idea about it. I have been working with pic and avr but I also want to try other micro as well. So if any body could give me shrot description of...
  13. tobb

    can Micro Controller mesure AC 220V current ??

    I want to make AC 220 current and voltage meter.. How do I make it..? what the easiest way to mesure AC 220 current with micro controller ?? I have try for lower voltage DC i could used shunt and ADC on AVR Micro but what about 220V AC?? Any idea?? please.
  14. tobb

    Please Help!! Config Clock source with ATMEGA 16

    atmega16 clock fuse I used to use AT90S8535 with bascomAVR then I change to ATMEGA 16 First I try to program it using STK200/300 Compatible isp cable. It program OK But chip ATMEGA16 was work veryslow. Then I read the data sheet it said that default clocksource is internal 1 MHz osc. (I used...
  15. tobb

    any resource to make usb io control with pic16c745

    I want to make a usb io with pic16c745 and i have not enough resource , please help..

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