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    High voltage power supply

    Thanks for the reply om. The method I chose was to make a series NPN transistor regulator using three 270volt zener diodes in series at its base. This will give me a stabilised output of about 800 volts. The transistor is an IGBT rated at 1200v. To prevent too much base/emitter voltage I'm using...
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    Radiated EMI from SMPS Cables

    It's a good idea to wind the cable around a ferrite ring to help reduce radiation. You see this practice in CRT monitors and inside computer cases.
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    High voltage power supply

    My mains transformer burnt out. This is in a Hallicrafters HT37 transmitter so is fairly common. I sourced three transformers to do the job of the original and fitted them on the chassis. The new high voltage transformer has a 425v-0-425v 160mA winding and I fitted a full wave bridge which gives...

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