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    state machine question

    check that the modulus 5 of the input is zero. If so the number is divisible by 5. VHDL = if (input mod 5) = 0 then output <= 1 else 0; verilog: always @(input) if (input % 5 == 0) output <= 1; else output <= 0; end or something like that. My VHDL is a bit rusty, so you will have to sort out...
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    SIM900 Customer Flash Loader

    Sorry richdavies, I cannot even find the old version through my normal access channels, nor is it in my list of uploaded files. I think this was a special version that came through a different source sorry C
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    modelsim file opens another modelsim file

    It sounds like you may have an include statement in your file such that it includes itself....
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    [SOLVED] CRC-16 Calculation Polynomial Selection

    There is some useful information here: https://www.lammertbies.nl/comm/info/crc-calculation.html. I cannot directly help you but I have found it useful when debugging CRC-based hardware
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    Simcom Sim908 firmware

    Here is the firmware image and it appears to be the latest. As far as I know it is not possible to recover the image from the device. Also I no longer have an upload tool. C
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    [PIC] Unable to upgrade sim 900 firmware for email functions

    You need to leave the baud rate at its default of 115200 and make sure yo hold down the PWR button during the entire sequence. You will find much more information in the following thread: https://www.edaboard.com/threads/182804/
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    SIM900 Customer Flash Loader

    I have some firmware files which are attached but no longer have the USB uploader. Please note that I do not represent Simcom and I am unable to provide any technical information or assistance.
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    SIM900 Customer Flash Loader

    Here you go...
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    How to use SIM900 httpSSL?

    The only reference I can find is in here. I assume your firmware version supports it. Post your current fw version (AT+GSV) and I will see if there is a later version available. C
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    [SOLVED] microcontroller with buil-in ethernet and 4 serial ports

    I would use an FPGA-based SOC with UARTS built in the FPGA fabric. That way you can have as many UARTS as you need. My suggestion is the Microsemi SmartFusion AFS050. Dev tools are free and design should be straightforward. The micro is a Cortex-M3 @ 100MHz
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    Is there a new Firmeare Version for SIM5218?

    This is the only 5128A firmware version I can find. I do not know if it is correct for you. Please check your existing version and satisfy yourself that it is correct before applying it. Nor can I tell if it will help you or not C
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    SIM900 Customer Flash Loader

    The firmware posted above is the latest I can find. As far as I know (which isn't very much) EAT is always supported and there is no special firmware version to support it, but I know nothing of multi-tasking support Attached are the Dev IDE 1.07, which is the only version I can find and an old...
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    [SOLVED] Having Problem with SIM5218.

    Here is build 11 for the 5320A and AD. I found the 5320A in the wrong diectory.
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    SIM900 Customer Flash Loader

    I do not know the difference between 'sim900a64st firmware and 'sim900a64st_dl firmware, but I have attached them both here.
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    [SOLVED] Having Problem with SIM5218.

    I can only find formware for the sim5320AD. I do not know if this is compatible or not. The file name is 1575B11SIM5320AD.rar. If this is correct for you let me know and I will make it available here. I do not have access to Windows drivers. I assume the serial port drivers are built into...
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    SIM900 Customer Flash Loader

    Build 05 is no longer available. Here is the latest build
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    SIM900 Customer Flash Loader

    See attached zip file. This is all I can find
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    SIM900 Customer Flash Loader

    Sorry, I can't find any firmware at all for the '900A
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    SIM900 Customer Flash Loader

    Try These. I have no idea which one is best for you though. Also these files are for the 908 not the 908-C

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