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    Micronet Net-960 for GPS/GPRS car tracking

    net 960 Hello, Has anyone ever used the Micronet Net-960 mobile data terminal (hxxp://www.micronet.co.il/Net-960E.html)? Any experience for car tracking? I just got my hand on some of those devices, and I was wondering if it is worth going through the trouble of finding programming software...
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    Help me open an old PCAD pcb file

    Hi all, I have to open a .pcb ascii file. It must be an old DOS PCAD file, since the file starts like this: Personal CAD Systems, Inc. PC-CARDS Database file version : 1.04 I tried several viewers and import tools, but no luck... Any...
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    Still digital photo to analog display

    Hello all I am trying to build a device that, among other things, has to display a stored digital photograph to a television. The picture that is stored in jpeg format, is decompressed by a microprocessor into an array of pixels, color or monochrome. And here comes my problem. Can you suggest...
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    Switcing power supply suggestion

    I am about to build a switcing power supply from 220VAC to 13.8Volts 35-40Amps. Any suggestions for the switcing IC for so big currents? regards

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