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  1. imtiaz369

    Why we use Multi-Line TRL calibration?

    Hello everyone, I have some queries to everyone. Why we use multi-line TRL rather than single line TRL? (Only for increasing the frequency range or it also improves the performance) Basically, is there any difference between multi-line TRL and TRL - except the advantage of large frequency...
  2. imtiaz369


    Is there anyone who can give me a matlab code for Multiline TRL?
  3. imtiaz369

    Problem with implementation Multiline TRL

    Good day everyone. I try to implement multiline TRL calibration in simulation. I found the selection procedure of multiple line lengths for the calibration in here (https://www.microwaves101.com/encyclopedias/trl-calibration) Though they do not provide any reference behind those calculations -...

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