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    DSPIC33F Advance PWM fonctionnality (will giv all my points)

    Re: DSPIC33F Advance PWM fonctionnality (will giv all my poi Think I found the solution, but I'm not happy of it. It seams that the TRIGx generate a PWM trigger (PWMCON1bits.TRGSTAT) not a start of conversion ... I must be missing something !! Still looking for help here !!! thank A bit later...
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    DSPIC33F Advance PWM fonctionnality (will giv all my points)

    Hi everyone, I am working with the DSPIC33FJ16GS502 for a little while. I would like my PWM to trigger an ADC conversion but without success. Anyone know how to do ?? I've been looking around the Special event trigger and the dedicated trigger but without succes. I know my ADC interrupt...
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    What is a SMPS inverter ?

    Re: about SMPS inverter boost converter and push-pull are bad idea, look for some forward converter. For 340W it's your best guest !! flyback converter are quite are to design due to the transformer spec but cold be good too. The forward converter is something between push-pull (easy to design)...
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    How to use IC DRIVER HI/LO SIDE HV L6387E

    What is your working frequency. Which transistor you are driving The circuit looks ok, (but i don't like the 90pF) be SURE to not drive the hi side and lo side at the same time (there's an internal logic but no deadtime) Depending on the mosfet, I would use a 0,1uF or 0,33uF as decoupling...
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    Help with transformer

    Please use the current sense, the UC3845 is a Current-mode SMPS, you also may want to create a network to filter your feedback as the output (in flyback) is always out of phase with the control. You could use the comp pin to control your gear, by shorting the COMP to ground, it shutdown the...
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    What do you think about blue ring tester ?

    https://www.jestineyong.com/?p=1295 Not worth it if you know what you are doing. By the way, I use a Quadtech 1910 to test my components. The Quadtech 1910 does not tell me if my coil is good or bad but it is deadly precise !! I know where I am going when I do some repairing so no need for me...
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    12V DC to AC converter 3000 watt

    Re: 12V DC to AC converter I really don't recommand this circuit as it outputs square wave. You will end up with harmonics and might affect the working of some wireless device. I am glad to see people trying stuff in electronic, but power converter sould be carefully designed.
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    Is it allowed to drive MOSFET current in same dirn as diode

    Re: Is it allowed to drive MOSFET current in same dirn as di at lower current FET are used to simulate tube sound, well a clipped tube.
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    How much can the input voltage be boosted at the output of boost converter?

    Re: Reg:Boost Converter I think one of the most important think to consider is how to choose a semiconductor, mosfet with low rise/fall time and also a low charge on the input gate. You might want to go at higher frequency with these voltage because it require less capacitance, and ceramic...
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    Output capacitor of buck converter

    The impedance of your capacitor at your frequency can also affect a lot, you hate to compensate for it in your feedback ... the ESR of a capacitor in switching is a very important thing to consider.
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    Using a PWM controller external MOSFET interfacing from chip

    Re: Using a PWM controller the TL2842 is good, use and calculate the input resistor (connected to VCC) ... the IC has an internal regulator, a Zener diode. Look at the datasheet to calculate the power dissipated in the chip and you are good to go ! Why don`t you want an isolated output (using...
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    USB GPS mouse data --> UART

    The VNC1L does not support web cam, but the chip have to mode , Data mode and command mode. You should drive the DataREQ pin to go in wheter mode you want. The data from the GPS and Mouse and Webcam can be transfered to the chip if this pin is well set. The VDIP comes with an old firmware...
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    How to choose a LCR Meter

    lcr meter with variable frequency I made my choice, I will buy the 1910 from quad tech, let me know if you have one, I would like to have feedback. Thanks
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    How to choose a LCR Meter

    inductivity bias current source Anybody own a LCR meter on this forum ? These LCR meter schematic dosen`t seems to be high frequency. I am willing to put many thousand of dollard to buy a good LCR meter
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    How to choose a LCR Meter

    how to choose lcr meter Nobody noes how to choose an LCR meter, characteristic, pro an con some model??
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    How to choose a LCR Meter

    diy lcr Thanks for the reply, that was what I tought, but when I looked at the bias current source, they would say in the spec 20Hz to XXHz **broken link removed** or Precision 0-25A DC Bias Current Source with 3MHz Bandwidth that must be the bandwith of the error amp
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    How to choose a LCR Meter

    diy lcr meter Hi everyone, I want to buy an LCR meter, I am a young SMPS engeneer and I want to test the transformer, inductor and capacitor I am using, my switcher are operating from 20K up to 1MHz. I also like to construct guitar and power amp, so I want to check the impedance of my pickups...
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    power supply - which IC as a replacement?

    Re: power supply The LM723 can replace these components
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    measure AC voltage simple way

    voltage could be measured by? Did you try looking for isolated op-amp !!! This may do the job for the isolation part
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    what is the best way to get a vref in HV process?

    How many amp ? Look for current source or voltage source based on mosfet.

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