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  1. BISH

    IRIS module interfacing with PIC16877A

    Hi, i'm using M150 IRIS UART Module . can anybody please guide me for the interfacing process. Its very urgent....Thanks in advance..
  2. BISH

    Mmc interface with pic 16f877a

    I want to interface MMC card/SD card with PIC16F877A using SPI protocol..i want the basic spi program for pic16f877a... thanks in advance..
  3. BISH

    ARM7 LPC2378 PWM Generation

    hello all, i have some trouble in generating pwm in arm7 lpc2378. can anyone please provide me with a code? thanks in advance...
  4. BISH

    4 bit lcd display simulation problem in proteus

    hi all, as ww already discussed the topic regarding 4 bit lcd..but,now i'm facing a problem with 4 BIT LCD DISPLAY IN PROTEUS...The coding s working well in PIC SIMULATOR. pls correct me...attachment shows my coding and proteus simulation. #include<pic.h> #define RS RB2 #define EN...
  5. BISH

    Circuit for magnetic levitation wireless energy transfer

    Hi all, i want to develop magnetic levitation based wireless enegy transfer ...to glow a single LED. i need d circuit for that....
  6. BISH

    relay driver using uln2803 to switch on the lamp

    hi all, i want "a relay driver circuit using uln2803 to switch on the lamp" in proteus
  7. BISH

    PIC 18F452 circuit reset problem in PROTEUS simulation

    Hi, i'm using PIC18F452 for my development. the circuit is resetting during the simulation process.the circuit image is attached here.. thanks in advance.

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