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    analog and digital ground

    your question is not clear. do you want to control any audio device with any dld or MUC etc? make clear then i will tell you the answer
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    Pade hole size in PROTEL is same in printout

    pcb pade hello every one my problem is, i am using PROTEL for windows when i get printout from laser printer, the pad holes get same width in previwe, pad hole size varies but in printout, all the pad hole are small and same. pad size varies but hole does'nt Noman
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    PCB prototyping tools - some questions about bits

    Re: PCB prototyping tools hello dear u can use "V" type drill bit for drilling in normal PCB. if it could be carbide type that will be more effecient and fine. size for normal components is 0.8-0.9 mm Noman
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    Methods for PCB fabrication without acid

    pcb fab machine hello dear this is your missunderstandig that pcb can be made without acid ok? CNC machines only do drilling or cutting of PCBs. you can not atch the PCB without any chamical .Yes u can use "Faric Chloride" instead of any hamfull acid. this chemical is used usually. for more...

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