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    In one of my projects IC TL274cn was used. This IC is not available in my city and also in online sites where I checked. One of the Parts Dealer referred to as TL064 which can be used instead of TL274cn. TL274cn is cmos and TL064 is jfet. And also in TL274cn "in" goes to v- whereas in TL064...
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    Computer Fan

    I have a computer fan which suddenly started to run slowly. I want the rotor to be rewinded but the Pcb has 3 connections whereas the rotor has 4. Can anyone help me how the winding is done for three connections & what is to be done with the 4th.
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    I came across this ESR meter with IC's - ICL7107, 555, 4049, TCL274CN, & other common parts. In the schematic diagram (attached) the four 7 segment displays are mentioned in sequence as LD1 (ones), LD2 (tens), LD3 (hundreds) & LD4 (thousands). In the PCB or in veroboard, etc the sequence...
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    I want to replace moving coil in one of the analog multimeter. How do I find the suitable one to be replaced and work as before. There are many panel meters available in Volts & Amperes. Will these suit in the multimeter. Is there any indication of finding a suitable one to fit in a...
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    Reico Sakura Multimeter

    I have the Reico Sakura Multimeter. The front glass pane is broken. Of late this tester is not getting adjusted to zero ohms. The variable potentiometer of 1K was defective and hence replaced with new one. But still the working of needle movement towards zero is not full. It comes towards...
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    I have one "KRAFTtech" drill machine (model CDP02CN-1) wherein it has 5 ni-cd cells of 1.2v & 1200 mah each. Now I would like to replace these cells with Lithium type cells (18650) of 3.7 volts. Since originally it works with 6v, Lithium cells required will be 2. Now the question is - should...
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    The above circuit is "Simple Micro Ampere Meter Circuit" convert & help in measuring small currents in five ranges: from 1 µA to 10 mA. . For example if a 1 mA meter is used, the total resistance (the sum of the resistor R and the coil resistance Ri of the meter) must be 1kΩ. If a 100 µA meter...
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    Lithium-Ion Battery Charging

    For charging a litiumion Battery of 3.7v capacity, we use charging module(s). I use a small and convenient size charging module with IC TP4056 module, which protects against overload as well as under charging. Now do we need to connect a BMS to this charging process. What I mean to say is ...
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    [SOLVED] [moved] Speaker wattage not known

    I am having two speakers of oval shaped ones. Its value is 6 ohms. There are no markings on the speakers regarding minimal technical details on the speaker magnets. It is 9 inches in length & 5 inches in breadth. I want to know how many of wattage power it can take so that I can use suitable...
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    Wireless water level controller with auto on off

    Can any one suggest a suitable circuit to pump water from ground sump to overhead tank that also wireless with rxtx modules to keep it compact. The receiver will control pump via relay to cut off when level is almost full. The transmitter will guage the water level in the overhead tank and...
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    imer for switching off the motor pump

    Timer for switching off motot pump I need a circuit to switch off the motor pump after say 10 minutes. The circuit should use DC power from button cells of 3v or 6v or even 9v.
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    100 to 150w car inverter with usb support for mobile charging

    I am looking for a good circuit to be built by me for using in the car. I am interest in 100W or 150W car inverter which will convert from 12v DC to 220v/240v AC and also a USB for charging mobiles/ipod/pda, etc. I am unable to find a good one involving the both. Did anyone come across such a...
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    Comparison of ic 74c04 and 74c14

    The pins of IC 74C04 and 74C14 are the same. Can either one take place instead of the other in the circuit like a transistor tester (in circuit). Both operate between 3 & 15v and max of 18v.
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    Inverter circuit design

    I want to build an 875-1000 (va) inverter from 12v battery. Does anyone has come across inverter circuit designs. If so can anyone give circuit ideas. The circuit should be simple and the components easily available.
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    simple pcb or stripboard designer software

    Does anyone come across to simple designer software from circuit diagrams to either pcb or stripboard. There are several which I came across but most of them are not so easy. I use multisim and convert to netlist (*.net), which is not accepted by most of the softwares. Please let me know the...
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    Difference between IC 74C14 and 74HC14

    I am unable to get the IC 74C14 from the market. But I did find IC 74HC14. the circuit that I am building is a transistor combo tester which houses IC 74C14. Will it be possible to use 74HC14 instead of 74C14. the diagram is attached herewith. I searched the datasheets of both of them, the...
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    [SOLVED] In Circuit Transistor Diode & SCR Tester

    I constructed this tester. This circuit checks only PNP transistors (only one of the LEDs flashes for good Transistors) and NPN transistors does not show any changes in LED (default flashes of both LEDs). In case of Diodes it checks only one way where one led flashes and if it is reversed both...
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    [SOLVED] Esr meter circuit by jan klubert

    I just built this circuit found in Kripton2035 site. This project is successful. But the only thing I could not understand is this : 1) when powered on both leds, green and red is on 2) when leads are shorted the red led goes off 3) when good caps are connected, red led goes off 4) when bad...
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    [SOLVED] ESR capacitor meter circuits

    I tried several ESR circuits but all failed. Recently I tried Allan Willcox model using TL082 and Poptronix circuit using TL084. I used 250ua meter. In the case of Allan Willcox design the meter is going off scale and comes down slowly to 50 percent of the dial. And there is no movement of...
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    Pin layout of ic tl084acn

    Now i am trying the esr circuit with tl084 (poptronix) which is recommended by one of the members. But in this, the pin layout is confusing since the dimple is at one end (say leftend centre) and the notch is at the other end (i.e. Rightend side centre). I made up the circuit keeping in mind...

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