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    embedded system in dubai

    U can CDAC like course centre.. Make a check with CDAC if they have branch their u can join...
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    what is the difference between ARM9 and ARM10 specify the details????
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    What Makes ARM Powerful

    ARM have some features that are code density, mmu,mpu, speed, low cost, scope is high... etc these makes ARM powerful....
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    ARM based project (free to post ur queries)

    Dear forum users, Feel free to ask ur queries regarding ARM Linux domain.. If you need idea regarding ARM based project details for college projects contact to me through mail.. Mail id : gomathigururajan@yahoo.com
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    CANOE tool details (share ur idea)

    Hi can anyone tell about CANOE tool. Im new to canoe tool and CAPL scripting. Is it used only for testing prepose or development ???? Only we can use this tool for automotive domain or we can use in other domain like automation, medical electronics like it... plz specify the other domain used...
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    Serial communication without hyperterminal

    Hi BurnOut_tesla I need to write a code for ARM7 using rs232 protocol(serial communication) should not communicate with the hyper terminal to transmit and receive data from hyper terminal. I have use API to interface with ARM7. what should i refer for this.......
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    Serial communication without hyperterminal

    Help me to write a c code for transmit and Receive serial data communication (RS232 protocol )with ARM7... Should not use hyper terminal to transmit or receive data.. Can you help me...
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    8051 + AT commands using Nokia phone

    Hi, AT commands: enter AT then u will get ok message.. Send option: AT+CMGS="number"; //enter the mobile number then type ur message.. send the ctlr+z hex value.. Receive message: AT+CMGR=1
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    Looking for information about SENT protocol

    If any one knows about sent protocol and related information for coding design means reply to me.

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