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    need nios II IDE help!

    nios ii ide now i am using nios II . i have problem about register access. please see below #define LED (*(volatile unsigned int*)(GPIO_LED_BASE+0x0)) int main(void) { LED = 1; <-- this line is not work ( line 1)...
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    how can i measure distance for resolution 0.2mm?

    Has anyone know how to measure distance 0-1 m (+/- 0.2 mm)? what IC can do something like this ? thank you
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    I wonder about engineering job in Germany!

    I am thai people. I have a chance to work with germany company in thailand. But there is the small company. And have to headquater in germany. They have about 10 staff are german. I just wonder about why germany people choose to work in thailand. My friend told that may be in germany hard to...
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    Request JPEG to BMP and BMP to JPEG

    Does anyone knows about method to convert JPEG to BMP and BMP to JPEG? Actually i need to use with microcontroller. Now i am playing Nokia LCD 6100 I can show picture from BMP format. But i think that BMP format is too big. So can anyone post the sample code or some article that explain about...
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    Need help for impedance control and signal integrity

    I just have some question about impedance control and signal integrity for PCB design. Can anyone suggest me for the detail of these items? Now I would like to use altium designer for PCB design. Does anyone have some example of impedance control and signal integrity simulation for alitum desinger?
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    Question about USB to Parallel port

    Now I search for USB to Parallel port convert. I just found FR245 from FTDI but it look like USB to Parallel for microcontroller. Does anyone knows the detail about this equiment?
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    Please sugguest me embeded job in thailand!

    I want to be a embedded system design engineer (hardware engineer). how can i find this type in thailand. Now I have experience in circuit and PCB design pluse EMC trouble and shooting and some experince in the field of C complier programing. I try to find this type of job in thailand but I can...
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    Does anyone knows about digital camera circuits?

    Now I am interesting in digital camera project. Does any one has camera schmatics?
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    Questio about 2 output (+, -) regulator IC

    Does anyone knows the regulator IC like below? Now, I try to find some regulator that can generate 2 output (pulse and minus). That IC has the pin that can control output pulse or minus. Does anyone knows information about this IC. Input: 12 V Output: +5 or -5V (voltage selectable is more...
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    Question about DMA (Direct Memory Access)

    I know that DMA use to transfer data between one memory to another memory. But I just wonder about DMA configuation (transfer method) and its application. And can anyone give me a sample circuit?
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    Dose anyone know about memory in MP3 player?

    Does anyone know what type of memory that use in MP3 player or iPOD?
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    Does anyone has IEC60335-1 document?

    iec60335-1 Does anyone has IEC60335-1 standard? Actually I am searching about creepage and clearence distance for PCB designing. Thank you
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    Do anyone have ASM to C convertor?

    asm to c mcu Does anyone has ASM to C convertor (freeware) for M3825 Mitsubishi MCU?
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    2.4GHz antenna design question?

    1. I want to design PCB antenna for 2.4GHz. Can anyone help me the way to design. The 2.4GHz chip that I use require antenna load impedance: 15+j88. 2. Does anyone know free solfware to simulate the power output and polarization?
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    RF 2.4GHz power amplifier IC

    wlan_pa Do anyone knows IC for amplifly RF signal 2.4GHz? I need to amplifly RF signal 2.4GHz but i do not which IC can do that, I anyone help me? Expectation range after amplified: 50m Bandwidth: 4MHz
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    Track width, Clearance and Creepage question

    creepage clearance 60950 Dear all, I want to know Track width, Clearance and Creepage distance that compatible with IEC, UL standard. Can anyone help me?
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    Track width, Clearance and Creepage question

    pcb creepage and clearance Dear all, I want to know Track width, Clearance and Creepage distance that compatible with IEC, UL standard . Can anyone help me?

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