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    tutorials about estinet and Software Defined Networking

    Hello every one Has Any one either worked with Estinet Simulator. We have bought license for one and now I ma working on it. But I have not find any proper documentation to learn the software. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Shan
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    Help me with designing PCI based DAQ card for PC communication

    Re: pci related question Yes the design i am making is the same you guessed. Its a PCI based data transmission. to and from the computer. I am designing it on VHDL language and using pci version 2.1. if its pci target then what would the accesing method from the computer...? Thanks, Regards, Shan
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    Help me with designing PCI based DAQ card for PC communication

    pci related question Hi everyone! I am developing the PCI based DAQ card and i have read the specifications, now i have two options, (1) to make the card as PCi master and (2) to develop the card as PCI target. Where should i start from and waht should i select. please guide me a little...
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    Hi all ! I am doing my final year project on "DAQ card interfacing through PCI-x or PCIe interface", but the problem is that i could not find the specifications for either of them.......The only way i could find was the pcisig.org which is a professionals' forum for this purpose but i cannot...

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