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    C++ Hello world program error

    Hello I am learning C++on my own by reading the book "Programming principles and practice using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup" They have started with a basic Hello world program. //This program outputs the message "Hello, World to the monitor #include"std_lib_facilities.h" int main() //C++...
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    error loading design in Model Sim

    I am learning VHDL by my own and wrote a small program for AND. My program is getting compiled successfully but when I simulate it I get an error message "vsim work.and2 vsim Start time: 20:39:58 on Mar 20,2016 Error loading design" Please help someone help me to solve this problem Thanks in...
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    Description about Metasurfaces

    Hello Can anybody please suggest me any books or papers from which I can read about physics behind Metasurfaces and how Metasirfaces works? I have downloaded many papers but hard one or two papers has given little about Metasurfaces. So I will be very Thankful if someone recommend me any good...

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