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    Problem finding a FSI-150 series Connector

    Thanks hakeen , But i have a basic question. Which category does this connector belong? So, that I could read up on similar connectors and look for options. Could you suggest some articles or tutorial on connectors of these types.
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    Problem finding a FSI-150 series Connector

    I am facing problems finding a good way to connect FSI-150 lands to another board. I have found one samtec connector which is fit for it , but i don't know what kind of socket/connector is required on the other-end [one end being FSI-150]? Could somebody tell more about the ways we could...
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    Trapped in idle mode without interrupt subroutine.

    hi, I am working with MCB2300 , which has LPC2378(ARM7 ,32bit) . I had written a code in which after performing a task the MCU goes into sleep mode. I have not given any interrupt sub routines. and no interrupts are enabled. I am not able to program the MCU throug JTAG. Kiel error is as...
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    BGA/PGA Pin numbering

    Hi, i am a beginner in PCB design. for a BGA package, the pins are numbered as A1,A2...BA42 . So, I found that not all the letters are used in numbering the rows . Letters like I,O,Q,U,X and Z were not used . Could somebody tell me what is the logic behind it ? Thanks

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