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    PIC18 code protection bits

    pic18f code protection Anybody know the difference of Code Protection CP Bits and Write Protection WRT bits on PIC18 devices? I thought CP bits inhibits external RD/WR and WRT inhibits internal WR only. However, I "code protect" CPD=0 and enable Writes WPD=1 on eeprom memory, and the cpu can...
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    My roommate is eating my brains out

    Use labview to make standard analysis of captured signal: FFT, view real time graphs, save data to disk,etc, etc. In that case, labview is very easy and powerful. But if you need to program something specific, FORGET Labview!! Graphic programs are a mess!! For example, to make a simply sequence...
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    PIC instruction delays - general formula?

    Re: PIC instruction delays Delay libraries use a big amount of ROM code. Simply use NOP and nested loops and try it with a osciloscope.
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    Problem with 18f series PIC

    Normally It's a oscillator problem (right Cap values, etc)
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    How to decide when to use PIC or AVR ?

    Re: PIC or AVR how to decide Pic if you are developing a project for small series. Those are widely used, are cheap, and you can find them everywhere. Better if you use a good C compiler.
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    Which microcontroller has better support PIC or AVR?

    Re: Pic or Avr ? Pic is widely used. Try "PIC" and "AVR" in Google. You can find pic chips everywhere.
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    Looking for (UART to SPI / SPI to UART) with PIC

    Hello: You don't need a schematic, use a Pic with both ports (PIC16F87X for example). You only need to make a program to listen USART Port and echo the data received on SPI port.

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