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    Programming Lattice iCE40LP

    Hi All, edaboard user pointed me to Lattice iCE40LP low end FPGA chips as an inexpensive replacement of bigger CPLDs. Chips looks really interesting to me even though they require 1.2V, 2.5V and eventually 3.3V power supplies. I decided to give them a try. The chips includes nonvolatile...
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    [moved] clock domains crossing

    Hi Gents, I have the following engineering issue which I would like to solve using CPLD in Verilog. I have a 16 bit data bus and I get data stream on this bus coming at f1=10KHz clock. I want to pass this data stream to another asynchroneous f2=10Khz clock domain. Each coming word in the f1...
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    Hi All, I plan to integrate 3G/4G module to our system. I have noticed that most if not all 3G/4G modules are having USB for the fast data services. We don't have USB in our CPU system but we have 5mbit/sec uart. Does anyone has experience with SIMCOM/TELIT/WAVECOM/Cinterion 3G or 4G modules...
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    "Digital Media Software" from TI

    Hi all, Is there somone knowing what "Digital Media Software" from TI incldes? Can somone share it with me. Please PM Thank you! dora
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    How to start with Xilinx's FPGAs

    Hello Friends, Probably this question is very banal but I would like to create a PCB as simple as possible with one Xilinx FPGA lat say from Spartan family. I would like to create a simple download cable as well. As a result I want to fit several simple projects in this simple development...
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    Please recommend DOCSIS chipset manufacturer.

    docsis chipset Hello friends, Is there someone which has knowledge in the area of cable modems. Can you recommend a DOCSIS chipset manufacturer? I would like to put the emphasis on the low price. Best regards Dora
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    WLAN 8002.11 access point design

    Hello, I would like to get your opinion about WLAN 802.11 access point design. Is there somone which can recomend me compony which manifacture the MAC, Baseband Processor and RF Transmiter chips? Should I use special chips for 802.11 or I can create the acces point using general purpose DSP...
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    Matlab R14 - disapointing ?

    Hello friends, I checked Matlab R14 yesterday and I am little bit disappointed. I played with it only a day but managed to create some opinion already. 1. It is strange but new matlab can not recognize the hardware OpenGL of my video card. I had no problem with R13 Sp1 2. The Matlab IDE...
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    What do you think about Atmel AT91 ARM Thumb family?

    Hello friends, I would like to ask for your opinion about the Atmel AT91 ARM Thumb microcontroler family. Is it a good chips? What's about the development tools. Chips price? Best regards dora
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    Can somone comment the Cadance allegro in PSD 15

    Best regards dora
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    Efficient algorithm for calculating of the small part of DFT

    fft fixed-point dsp 16 winograd Hello friends, I have 24 long real data vector and I would like to calculate the 1,2,3,4 Fourier coefficients only. (the zero coeff is the DC term) I would like to do this as efficiently as possible using 16 bits fixed point DSP. What I am having in mind is...
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    Page boundary crossing problem with tms320c55x

    Hello friends! I would like to share a practicle problem programming tms320c5509. In large memory model the data pointers are 23 bits long so they are stored in 2 words (32 bits). Using C if I write int *pint; pint=(int *)0xffff; pint++; //the result depend of the version of the CPU. if it...
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    Strange behaviour of the C compiler for the TMS320C5000.

    Hello Friends, I would like to share a problem which I am tiring to resolve already half an day without success. So I am writing C program for the tms320c5509 using CCS 2.21. I am using dynamical memory allocation quite intensively. My target which I am using to test my code has only 2 LEDs...
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    Image processing with tms320c5509

    Hi All, I am doing image processing using tms320c5509 16 bit processor. My image is 8 bit gray image (256 level of the gray). Infortunately the c5509 can address the data in words (16 bits) For this processor the char is 16 bit. In addition I am in a shortage of memory so I can not afford to...
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    Network estimation with chirp signal.

    chirp signal and network analyzer Hello All, I am creating the simple network analyzer using the general purpose DAQ board. Currently I am testing the system using linear chirp (tone with sweeping frequency) excitation signal x. Then I correlate the output of the system y with x and got...
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    Using Jungo windriver to create USB driver for TMS320CV5509

    Jungo USB drivers Hello everyboady I am trying to use Jungo's windriver to create the USB driver for the TMS320cv5509 DSP. Is the Jungo drivers ok? Some opinion? Thanks dora
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    What is better for FPGA manufacturer, Xilinx or Altera?

    Xilinx or Altera? Hello friends, Probably it is a tedious question for this forum but I am wandaring if I have to select Xilinx or Altera as a FPGA manifacturer. The feature under concern for me are: 1. Price 2. Flexibility 3. DSP Libraries 4. Connection with Mathworks' Simulink 5. Simple...
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    USB driver for the tms320cv5509 at the PC side

    Hi , Is there someone which has manage to create the usb driver for the tms320cv5509 at the PC side? Can somone of you point me to the reffrence info in this respect. Best Regards dora
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    TMS320c5509 evaluation board shematics?

    Hello, I want to create small board using the TMS320c5509. As far as I know both TI and Spectrum Digital have such board and the schematics are included in their manuals. Can someone share with me the schematics of the TMS320c5509 evaluation/starter board so I can use it as a reference...
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    JTAG emulation of the DSP?

    Hello All, Is there someone with experience with JTAG emulators as a debugging tool for the DSP. Is this kind of development superior the traditional KIT based? I am interested especially for the JTAG emulation of the ADSP BF533 Regards dora

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