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    PCB antenna for WIFI

    Hello Guys, I have read some docs to create wifi antenna on PBC itself. www.cypress.com/file/136236/download www.ti.com/lit/an/swra117d/swra117d.pdf How can I increase gain level in PCB antenna??? Regards, Dharit
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    [SOLVED] Increase LF antenna range

    Hello FVM, Yes, you are correct. I am making RFID LF antenna for 125KHz. I have made coil antenna in square shape. Its size is 35mmX25mm. Its with 900uH inductance and 21Ohm resistance. Once I tried with increasing antenna dimensions with same Inductance(900uH) and resistance(21Ohms). At that...
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    RFID antenna, range, frequency and Q factor

    Hello Guys, How to calculate resonant frequency for RFID? How inductor and capacitor values are set? How Q factor affects antenna performance and RFID detection for card? For good performance of 125KHz LF and 13.56Mhz RF what should be the Q factor value? Please provide suggestion or document...
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    [SOLVED] Radiation issue on one frequency

    Hello Guys, In my board I am facing issue of radiation emission of particular 74.25MHz frequency harmonics of 7th number and getting maximum radiation on 520Mhz. Trace length is about 2168 mils and having ground plane on second layer. I have tried by putting RC filter as well putting bead also...
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    [SOLVED] Increase LF antenna range

    My confusion is I have made LF antenna for 125KHz with inductance 850-900uH and 20Ohms. Antenna terminals are directly connected Module which provides frequency. My confusion is can I increase range of LF antenna by with decreasing Resistance??? Without making change in Inductance???
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    capacitor selection for antenna tuning

    Hello Guys, In antenna tuning for EM Prox (LF) can we use X7R capacitors??? They recommend NP0 capacitor only for antenna tuning... If I use X7R what will happen???

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