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  1. bluelaser

    3.3v I/O output changed to 5v output

    I want to change the 3.3 v output to 5v output , but should still keep the 25mA current driving capability,because I need to drive motor. I have used 74HCT245 ,and 74FCT245 , but the current is not enough. Note that the output should not be the open-drain , such as...
  2. bluelaser

    About the datasheet of SP13

    sensonor tpms datasheet Dear all: I need the detail datasheet of SensoNor SP13 . It is used in TPMS application. Who can share it to me? best regrads bluelaser
  3. bluelaser

    PDA to Intranet through Irda

    Dear all: I plan to make a module to connect PDA and company intranet through PDA's IrDA port . I know that the PDA can connect to INTERNET through mobible phone's GPRS with IrDA communication .I hope the PDA can exchange data with company's PC with this module . Does anybody have...
  4. bluelaser

    Opentcp.org is working now?

    Dear all: anybody can help to check whether opentcp.org is working now? I can not access it now ? thank you. bluelaser
  5. bluelaser

    Question :How to setup the comparator of PIC16f628a ?

    pic16f628a comparator Dear all: In my project , I want to use RA2 to do the key detection . So I select the comparator mode 010, and use the internal VREF . but I just use RA2 for the comparator input (analog input) , I plan to use the other RA0, RA1, RA3 to do the digital output, In the...
  6. bluelaser

    JEENI JTAG Connect to IAR Philips LPC2106, Time out problem?

    jeeni jtag Dear all: I use the Jeeni JTAG to connect IAR System Philips Lpc210X kickstart card, I meet the below problem when open the AXD ---------------------------- JEENI (ADP ARM7TDI,RST)Rev2.2 Rebuilt on Jan 12 2001 at 14:22:34 JTAG ERROR TDO=01FE03FE EICE ERROR :00000000,00000000...
  7. bluelaser

    About the ITT trackball control

    Dear all: I want to use the ITT trackball in my application, but the information about this trackball is little in ITT website. pls refer to this link: **broken link removed** Does anybody use this trackball in your project? Can you tell me where can I get the detailed information ? thank...
  8. bluelaser

    Looking for unicode font bit map

    about the unicode font Dear all: I found the unicode font bit map in the below website through the google search. https://people.debian.org/~dvdeug/unifont-dvdeug-2.tar.gz or https://people.debian.org/unifont-dvdeug-1.0.tar.gz https://people.debian.org/~dvdeug/Readme but I can not access...
  9. bluelaser

    Voice record to PC through the USB V1.1

    Dear all: I want to do a USB Radio project . the function is similar to D-Link USB radio production, but I want to add a AD to capture the audio data and then send the audio data to the PC through the USB cable . I am afraid that the speed of USB is insufficient to transfer to audio data...
  10. bluelaser

    How to improve the DC-DC converter efficiency?

    Hi, all guys: I need to design a high efficiency dc-dc converter for mp3 player application. I sort some dc-dc converter from on-semi or maxim website. such as ncp1410 or max1706. the efficiency parameter in the datasheet is very high(95%) . but in my actual application , the Vin=1.5v ...
  11. bluelaser

    How to realize the AB repeat function in the MP3 player

    +a-b repeat mp3 Dear all: I need to add an AB repeat function in the mp3 player .when it is playing a mp3(or wav) song ,I press this AB key and after some time ,I press this key again ,so the player will play this period of song repeatedly ,who had made this function in the production...
  12. bluelaser

    About C executive RTOS - looking for a document

    About C executive RTOS Hi,all I am working on a system. It use C executive RTOS(www.jmi.com) in it , but I have not some document about it , Does somebody use this RTOS ? who can tell me where is the document ? Thank you . bluelaser
  13. bluelaser

    about the program of mmc ,sd card

    Hi, all I am working on the mp3 project , I don't know how to program the sd ,mmc card , who can give me some document or link site about it. thank you . bluelaser
  14. bluelaser

    audio production powered by DC-DC??

    Hi,all: I make an audio production powered by DC-DC circuit. the specication of dc-dc is : input:8vDC---12VDC ,output:13.5VDC. the max current is 1A. the chip is Max1771. now I meet the problem: a)when the speaker use the same ground with this unit. I can hear the noise. the frequency of...

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