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  1. mahesXtremeEngineering

    Operation of MCB shunt tripping module

    How does the shunt tripping module for MCB works. Has anyone disassembled one
  2. mahesXtremeEngineering

    About internet and IPv6.

    Recently i have heard that the internet is changing to IPv6. Does it change all the server IP address to IPv6. Is there anything we(client) need to do about this.
  3. mahesXtremeEngineering

    Unexpected shutdown of desktop pc

    Recently I am experiencing unexpected shutdown on my desktop pc. The system is 4-5 years old. I want to know if the CPU shuts itself off to protect the processor from overheating.
  4. mahesXtremeEngineering

    SMPS fan runs too fast

    CPU fan runs too fast SMPS of my desktop PC is over heating. There is also unexpected shutdown.
  5. mahesXtremeEngineering

    Relay vs. Thyristor. Which one is better?

    Which will be better for an AC circuit, Relay or a TRIAC(with opto-coupler) if a digital signal is used as command(microcontroller)
  6. mahesXtremeEngineering

    [SOLVED] How to design a manual reset circuit for a microcontroller with active low RESET pin?

    How to design a manual reset circuit for a microcontroller with active low RESET pin.
  7. mahesXtremeEngineering

    4v regulated supply from 12v dc

    how can i create a 4v(500mA-1A) regulated supply from a 12v dc. How can it be implemented using a LM317.
  8. mahesXtremeEngineering

    Why Arduino? Instead of an AVR microcontroller system.

    What is the need to use an Arduino instead of a microcontroller system with AVR controller.. which will make the system more compact.
  9. mahesXtremeEngineering

    AVR C Compiler with codeblocks

    How can i setup codeblocks to compile AVR C. It says that Codeblocks is a cross platform IDE. When i compile AVR C it says that there is something to do with toolchain.
  10. mahesXtremeEngineering

    Solid State Drive for SATA port using microSD cards

    Is it possible to interface multiple memory cards to a microcontroller(s) and connect to the SATA port. Which can be used like a Solid State Drive.
  11. mahesXtremeEngineering

    GM47 GSM module firmware

    Do we need to program the GSM module before using it or will it come with a preinstalled firmware.
  12. mahesXtremeEngineering

    Problem with Ubuntu Software Center

    Install buttons are not active in software center. When i select an application it says 'Not available in the current data'. I am using Ubuntu 9.10
  13. mahesXtremeEngineering

    AVR C and Assembly Language Programming

    I am working on a project using ATtiny2313. I got the source code in an .asm file. It says that it is written using AVR Studio. How can i use this this file and burn on the uC.
  14. mahesXtremeEngineering

    Creating USB keyboard for PC with custom keys

    I would like to design a small usb keyboard with custom keys(UP,DOWN,RIGHT,LEFT) which can be used as game controllers. How keystrokes are recognized by PC through Usb. Which micro controller can perform this action.

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