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  1. omeraygor

    de2-70 sopc builder broblem

    Hi i have de2-70 and quartus 2 10.1. and Nİos 2 10.1. i am trying to create embedded system using sopc builder. But When i compile with sopc builder it gives errors. i do all instructions on this video --> youtube "Design and Program a Computing Engine Using DE2-70 Altera FPGA Board" In...
  2. omeraygor

    internet controlled home automation

    hi you can use telit gsm/gprs modul. ex. gc864. And mcu. You can design on your own sysytem by these devices...
  3. omeraygor

    Strange Output - HELP Please

    what are you using as IDE? Yes VAR2 must be 01001000. i think it cant be hardware fault. so i cant say about your code is correct or not. i have explorer 16 dev board. if you want i can debug your code here.
  4. omeraygor

    Strange Output - HELP Please

    hi can you debug? look value of VAR2. then compare it with PORTB.
  5. omeraygor

    Strange Output - HELP Please

    There is ne error on this code. may be wrong your comp. Can you show all your code.
  6. omeraygor

    [Moved] Looking for Board and kit.... help???

    Re: Looking for Board and kit.... help??? i know friendly arm. But The Board i am looking for has less spec. For example i dont need to any OS. Linux and Windows CE os run on it. For example the board i analyzed that is STR-E912 DEVELOPMENT BOARD FOR ST STR912 ARM966E-S uC WITH USB, RS232...
  7. omeraygor

    [Moved] Looking for Board and kit.... help???

    Hi I am looking for Development kit for my project. it must support these spec. Progmram flash > 256 kb, SD Card , USB, 100Eth, in addition, must be arm9 and arm cortex based. Thaanks...
  8. omeraygor

    How to Generate *.cof file?

    Hi. i have started use CCS 4.1.2. it generates TI-TXT and INTEL-HEX files. But i want to *.cof or *.elf file. i want to this to work with proteus for step by step debug. Thanks... **broken link removed** 2.1.5 How to Generate Binary-Format Files (TI-TXT and INTEL-HEX) The CCS...
  9. omeraygor

    Which energy meter method more reasonable?

    Hello. 1 phase. voltage, current and Power. -The voltage range is 220v AC. -The current range is 0 to 20A. 1. Use MSP430FE42x MCU with shunt resistor. https://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/msp430fe4272.html 2.Analog Devices ADE7569 MCU with shunt resistor...
  10. omeraygor

    Suggest me a suitable LCD for ADE 7569

    Hi. i am new. i dont decided to buy ade7569 evulation kit. i want to mesure Irms; VA; VAR; Vrms; Watt values using ade7569. Ade7569 has LCD driver that is 108 segments. But i can not find any suitable lcd for ade7569 evulation kit and my project. Segment lcd will show measured values like...
  11. omeraygor

    How to add uClinux OS into XPS 10.1

    hi. i want to add uxlinux on xps. but i cannot find any document about it. xps-->software-->software platform settings --> os thanks.
  12. omeraygor

    Xilinx® Virtex™-4 Linux® Starter Kit

    is there anybody using this kit???
  13. omeraygor

    which starter kit can i use?

    can u halp me choosing a fpga kit? it has pci express, and gbitethernet and i will do on embedded linux aplications. in addition must support 10/100/1000 ethernet.:?:

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