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  1. nathan

    what's the difference between dynamic range and SNR?

    For a perfect linear system DR and SNR are equivalent. The proper definiton of DR is the ration of max/min signal amplitude at which a min SNR is guaranteed. They clearly differ for non-linear systems. nathan
  2. nathan

    How to evaluate an operational amplifer performance?

    samuel, the described approach applies to all fully differential OPA, they use the generic OPA symbol in the presentation. You can substitute your schematic to the symbol one or create the symbol view from your schematic (clearly you need to have Cadence installed somewhere :-) ) nathan
  3. nathan

    How to evaluate an operational amplifer performance?

    See attached presentation from cadence. nathan
  4. nathan

    help me to understand class AB input diff pair

    The level shift is needed to keep the core devices (i.e., M6 and M3 or M7 and M2) properly biased. Infact, for a given bias current you need to guarantee a DVgs+Vth each for strong inversion condition. Note that M1 and M4 act as a source follower here (almost ideal) such that, from a small...
  5. nathan

    BSIM3/4 to EKV model translator ?

    bsim2ekv problems I know that using a model-to-model translator will reduce accuracy, but what other options do I have ? Thnx, nathan
  6. nathan

    BSIM3/4 to EKV model translator ?

    bsim2ekv Anyone is aware if such tool exists ? If yes, do you have a link ? Thnx, nathan
  7. nathan

    Hooking up VCO and prescaler

    Have you tried putting few inverters in between ? You may need to sharpen the VCO wave ... nathan
  8. nathan

    What does SFDR stand for?

    what is sfdrl To be more precise: it is the difference between the power of the signal and the one at which the spurious signals and noise are the same. nathan
  9. nathan

    Which companies do Bipolar or BiCMOS RFIC design?

    Re: Bipolar RFIC Design I confirm what Mazz says, still, almost all worldwide corporates (US+European+Japanese) use BiCMOS for RF applications. From my experience I can also say that very unlikely these companies will migrate to pure CMOS before next generation of products which will happen...
  10. nathan

    Differences of Phase noise of VCO and close loop PLL?

    closed-loop phase noise Just a general statement: think about the PLL as an amplifier that works on phase rather tahn voltage and think about the VCO as a noise generator. When you close the VCO in the loop the effective phase noise is reduced by a factor equal to the loop gain of the PLL...
  11. nathan

    CMOS 0.13um Process for RF, Analog

    ft of 0.18um cmos process You may also find differences in passives such as MiM caps and Inductors (i.e., higher Q and/or cap/um^2) nathan
  12. nathan

    The pros and cons of CMOS LNA by Razavi

    Re: CMOS LNA by Razavi It provides with the correct common mode voltage to the mixer input. nathan
  13. nathan

    how to analyze this amp circuit?

    This is a simple hybrid class A/AB amplifier (input stage is class A and output is class AB). The trick is that your non-dominant pole is at higher freq (about a factor of two) than the standard miller amplifier. Same power but better phase margin. nathan BTW: you don't need two compensation...
  14. nathan

    How to get a fixed timesetp in hspice?

    use delmax (maxdel ???)= ... nathan
  15. nathan

    How to measure parameter of Fully differential OPamp??

    Hi luantan, try to be more proactive ... you'll get points and you'll help the forum to grow up. nathan
  16. nathan

    How to measure parameter of Fully differential OPamp??

    You may want to check this out. nathan
  17. nathan

    what is Native Transistor in Spice Model

    nmos spice tt Native transistor does not have threshold implant adjustment therefore it usually has very low threshold value but also very low flicker noise (because of less oxide damage) nathan
  18. nathan

    Some obstacle in designing a chopper op-amp !

    The chopping should periodically (50% duty cycle) invert the phase of the input signal to achive the proper frequency modulation. nathan
  19. nathan

    Difference between analog and digital PLL

    Re: analog/digital PLL Analog PLL has a Multiplier type PD while Digital one has PFD, JK or XOR circuit. nathan
  20. nathan

    INDDUMMY layer and Patterned Ground Shield

    Which technology are you talking about ? nathan

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