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  1. farrokhiyan

    High-Order Sigma Delta (for DAC) or EF Sigma-Delta

    Hi, I am also designing a 2nd order EF structure by VHDL. I've Read Mr. Peter's theory and I agree with you. I'm not sure yet. The structure adders show overflows but I don't have any idea about stability. I'm in doubt for my correct design.
  2. farrokhiyan

    Need formula for sigma-delta modulator

    Hi, I need a formula of sigma-delta modulators, which makes relation between these parameters: 1- Input signal Amplitude, 2- Order of modulator, 3- Number of levels of the Quantizer, 4- OSR thanks in advance
  3. farrokhiyan

    Data converters SNR Calculation

    Hi fxnviri, could you clear the link ? tnx
  4. farrokhiyan

    Data converters SNR Calculation

    snr calculation Hi all, Can anyone provide me the methodology for Delta Sigma ADC/DAC SNR measurement in simulation? I used SD Toolbox from Mathwork, but i didn't get the true answers. i'd like to measure SNR for some DC input signals. would you please help me to know the principle of SNR...
  5. farrokhiyan

    Help on this Block of SDtoolbox

    Hi, could you tell me what is this block in SDtoolbox,please? is it as same as a quantizer? how does it work? what is the DAC and ADC output lines? what is the usage of ADC line in an all-digitall sigma-delta modulator modeling? how can i use this block? especially in determinig the N-ADC...
  6. farrokhiyan

    Sigma Delta Matlab toolboxes differences

    delsig.zip I don't think so. the providers in the pdf document presented in delsig.zip, say: "The Delta-Sigma toolbox requires the Signal Processing Toolbox and the Control Systems Toolbox." Or in the help document provided in SDToolbox.zip: "The SD toolbox is a toolbox created to simulate...
  7. farrokhiyan

    Sigma Delta Matlab toolboxes differences

    delta matlab Hi, I need delta-sigma modulators simulation . I downladed 3 different toolboxes from matlab file exchange center. but i don't know what differences they have. they are : SDtoolbox, delsig, Sigma_Delta. can you say me their differences and which of them can help me?
  8. farrokhiyan

    Which transistor is eqvivalent to BC149C?

    Hi you can use BC109C, BC209C, BC549C or BC550C (the last, the best). In the american family, the 2N5818 is a good and easy choice. i think the "BC549" is the best choice. thnx This picture compares some specifications of transistors.
  9. farrokhiyan

    Suggest me some materials about sigma delta design

    Re: sigma delta design hi i began with this papers.
  10. farrokhiyan

    Help me design a 6V power supply

    Re: Power supply hi because you have limitation on input voltage, you haven't any solution except the boost converter. if you are forced to this input voltage, you should do this. but because this solution is complicate and expensive, i suggest you, if your work isn't too sensitive, it is...

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