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    Help: Soldering surface mount components?

    Hi there , for soldering of smd you require a hot air gun. I was using it to replace components of moblie phones.There are two settings for it first for temperture and second for air pressure . You have to mask the pad with solder material using micro solder iron then apply some flux to it...
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    [SOLVED] can any one help me in getting APC UPS circuit daigram

    hi ajeetjoy thanks but i have this diagram. i was looking diagram for APC 800 ,1000 ,1500 models can any one help
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    [SOLVED] need help to repair motherboard

    Hello there, I have M.B of gigabit GA-8I915ME, the problem is that after formatting the pc the pc becomes slow also i observed that its south chip (the chip between CMOS and RAM slot becomes very hot above normal ? any suggestion please reply.......... bye
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    [SOLVED] 100% Repair Of Laptop & Desktop Motherboard

    la-2922p.md i santapg i have a query i have gigabyte ga-8i 915me motherboard the problem is that two of its cap 6.3v/3300uf has bulgout we donot get same value of cap what is the alternating value of cap that can be use
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    [SOLVED] can any one help me in getting APC UPS circuit daigram

    hi there i need to get circuit daigram of APC UPS. Or any other ups daigram
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    How to mod battery for Siemens S35 mobilephone.

    hi, if u don't get siemens batt u can try any other single cells available in the market but mind that it should be of 1.2v u can open ur old pack and simply connect the new ones but look out 4r polaritys. bye

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