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    64 point FFT RTL in VHDL or Verilog

    Re: FFT 64 point RTL i also need the same code for refrence ...please email me aimer.bhat@gmail.com
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    Signed multiplication in Verilog

    Hi , I have 8 numbers like -398.1234 , -14.1898 etc and I have 8 signals generated in the design . I need to compute y = c1* x1 + c2 * x2 .... + c8 *x8 , where c1 , c2 etc are the constants and x1 , x2 are the signals to the block . What is the best way to code this ? since these are...
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    VHDL Syn in Design Compiler

    I am using dc with standard LL 130nm library to synthesize a vhdl logic . I removed the library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_SIGNED.ALL; and instead of std logic used bit and bit_vector in intialization while analyzing in DC analyze...
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    timing path b/w different clocks

    hi , i gt it dc_shell kind of rounds off propogation delays if they are very small as compared to timing constraint of the path
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    timing path b/w different clocks

    in DC ,i am try to get STA for the path b/w two flip flops which are clocked at clk and clkby 2 respectiveley . in report_timing ,It is showing no delay corresponding to the combinational logic cells in between these flip flops I even tried various version on DC but wasnt able to get hold of...
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    How to link master clock with other clocks and make paths constrained in DC?

    hello every1 I made a design which has 5 divided(internal) clks(clkby2,clkby4 etc) derived from main clk by a counter. i am synthesizing it via DC specified the divided clocks by create generate clk and main clock by create clk commands and there respective constraints wrt to main clk & divided...
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    signed substraction in verilog

    i synthesized my code (verilog) containing mainly additions and subtractions and am doing post synthesis simulation in modelsim in modelsim wave i see, instead to obtaining differences of two registers , i am now obtaining difference divide by 2 I am not able to figure out the problem. i even...
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    post synthesis simulation in modelsim

    Hello all , i am doing post synthesis simulation in modelsim. I synthesized via DC with 130nm faraday library ... timing reports in DC showed no voilations of setup and hold and a slack of 228 ns for 1 Mhz ..... But in modelsim it is giving large number of setup voilations i am confused...
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    problems in synthesis with DC

    1) my counter is of 7 bits and i am deriving clock from each bit (clkby2,clkby4 etc) . When i hadnt kept the counter as dont touch, synthesizer reduced the no. of bits to 5. thats why i kept it dont touch next time . 2) All other logic blocks are mapped to standard cell library cells except...
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    problems in synthesis with DC

    Hello all, I am trying to synthesize gate level logic of my behavior level code(verilog) by design compiler . i am using faraday 130nm library. I have a divided clock derived from a 7 bit counter . I made the network as dont touch (counter) so that synthesizer wont try to optimize and modify it...

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