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    printers direct for pcb??????

    I'm not sure what you mean. Do you ask if there is a method for making PCBs without etching (using acids and such) ? Rapid PCB prototyping can be done with circuit mills. They mill&drill a copper board without chemicals. You'll still have to use them if you want to make two-layer boards...
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    how to convert 0V--12V DC signals to TTL?

    convert -12volt to +12v With resistor division? You could also use an opamp circuit that has a gain below 1. Any requirements on the loading of the 12 V signals? secmig
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    Best way to convert 0-14V (in vehicle) to 0-5V for A/D ?

    Texas Instruments has a really great E-Book about opamps called Op Amps For Everyone. It's filled with "for dummies" examples including the math calculations. https://www-s.ti.com/sc/psheets/slod006a/slod006a.pdf (2 MB) secmig
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    Mesure volts with AT89c2051

    Here's a small project, where voltage is measured with two opamps, some resistors, capacitors and the INT0 pin. https://www.specs.de/~danni/appl/hard/dvm/dvm.htm I also remember that Atmel or Microchip had an application note about measuring voltage with an internal analog comparator. secmig
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    hitachi universal flash programming

    universal flash programmer Do I need somekinda hardware between the PC and the hitachi to program it? MAX232? an eval board from hitachi? I'm testing the '3664 and '2128 microcontrollers in the near future... secmig

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