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    image processing problem

    i can find the barcode area in the image but this area not only contains the barcode , i wanna find the start and finish pixel of the barcode. How can i find these
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    gaussian white noise process and autocorrelation

    gaussian white noise process how to find autocorrelation Rv(τ) v(t)=w(t)*cos(2Πft+Φ) Φ and w(t) independent w(t) gaussian white noise process Thanks
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    How to generate 100 sample data using the AR(1) model?

    how to generate 100 sample data using the AR(1) model?I have generated but I don't know this code is true or not.And also how can i calculate the autocorrelation matrix? "a=0.5; n=0.001; x(1)=100; for k=2:100 x(k)=a*x(k-1)+n; end"
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    linear algebra question

    Hi everybody How I can generate basis vectors for a 8x8 matrix which is known?I think that first colon of the matrix is basis and others colons are also basis for a 8x8 matrix.This is true or not . Thanks
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    spline smoothing and regularization

    hi everbody what are the differences btwn spline smoothing and regularization? and if you have related ducments, please send me Thanks
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    what are the differences btwn spline smoothing and regulariz

    Hi everbody what are the differences btwn spline smoothing and regularization?
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    implementation of backprop using tansig doesn't work proper

    tansig Hi I'm implementing an NN using Matlab to learn the XOR problem: - in in out -1 -1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 -1 Its a multi-layer feedforward network, and the neurons are either unipolar 'logsig' or bipolar 'tansig' neurons. It learns succesfully using logsig neurons, but with tansig the...
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    image processing c source

    hi everbbody i wanna know there are any c source codes for reading image ,binary morphology etc and if there are ,how to get these Thanks
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    How to make a co-planar wave guide in HFSS?

    Hi everybody, I wanna co-planor wave guide in HFSS but I don't have any ideas about this .(This wave guide connected the micro-strip antenna it is used for feeding ).Thanks
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    How to convert the Hough plane to straight line image?

    Hi everybody I wanna find the straight lines in the image by using hough transform.I map the image to hough plane but how to convert the hough plane to straight line image
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    cummulative distribution function plz help

    cummulative distribution I wanna write a script with using matlab, which calculates the cummulative distribution function of the given input but i don't have any idea about this.I know that there is prepared function in matlab (cdf) but I have to write because this is homework.Thanks

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