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    Name of PLUG / cable ?

    Hi people! Do you know the name of the plug in the attachment ? Thank you all!
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    how to Coat PCBs and clean them before coating

    Hi! Someone have a guide on how to perform a dip or brushing coating of PCBs handmade ? And how to clean the PCB before coating them ? THX
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    Sterilization of PCB

    HI! I have to put an analogic PCB composed by amplfiers,capacitors and resistance inside an incubator with cells. DO you have any idea how to sterilize it without damaging components ? THX!
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    PCB & environmental problems

    HI! I developped an analogic filtering PCB composed by resistor, capacitors (4 of them electrolitics) and operational amplifiers. I have to put it inside an incubator whith 90% humididty, 5% CO2 and temperature 37 °C. Do you know if and how they can affect environment and vicecersa ? Do you have...
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    Operational amplifier overloaded

    Hi! I am having trouble with a commercial filtering board made with operational amplifiers; here a part of the documentation: "Due to the low cut-off frequency, the baseline restorer takes some time to stabilize after switching on the amplifier or after replacing the MEA. One to two minutes are...
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    Sallen key problem stability

    Hello! I am developping a filtering board for analog signals (bandwidth of interest 300-5khz). I used for this purpose a lowpass Sallen key, a high pass sallen key (all butterworth configuration) and a passive RC low pass for adding a pole. I tried various Gain (3,5 , 5 ,8) on a breadboard and...
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    sallen key on breadboard

    Hello! I am releasing on breadboard a high pass filter sallen key + low pass filter SK + passive low pass filter on a breadboard. Acquiring the out signla with labview I had a 3 khz noise that increase too much the gain. Look ak the pics / video. Any idea? On the video I increase the 1 mv input...
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    2khz frequency noise

    Hi people ! I am doing some input-referred noise tests on a Pcb. This Pcb is composed by 8 quad-op amp that filter and give gain to signals. Actually I made this test also on his twin boards and I didn't notice frequency noise. Instead in this Pcb there's a big noise at ouptut at 2Khz frequency...
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    drill size PCB - EAGLE Cad

    Hello people. I am currently developping a PCB for signal eleaboration with EAGLE software. I used 0.8128mm , 0.4064mm and 0.254mm width wires. I respectively used 0.9 , 0.6 and 0.5 round drills. What do you think about it ? 2) Unfortonately I exchange somo 0.6 with 0.5 drills so there are some...
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    EAGLE - Move the reference

    Hello! DO you know how to move, using Eagle, the reference to the bottom left corner of the board as show in the attachment? Thank you very much!!
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    first pcb steps - sallen key filter

    Hi people ! This is my first job in PCB design. WHat you thing about this schematic / board ? The circuits rapresent a sallen key filter. Thank you all
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    [MOVED]Design with Eagle quad-Op-AMp

    Hi people ! I'am new to the world of electronic but i have a work for the university to do : design for 60 channels the following circuit with EAGLE: I want to realize a little board (max 4x3,15 inch) so i was thinking to use a quad-opamp (so : 2 opamp for every channel (as you see from the...

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