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    3-phase active pfc design

    hi friends i want to design a three-phase active PFC converter,who can give me any advice if you have corresponding experiment? thanks with best regards
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    Help me design an AC/DC converter with PFC

    HELP! SOS! Hello!everyone I'm designing a AC/DC converter with PFC, because I'm fresh and absent of more practical experience, so I have to turn to everyone and hope to get your advice and suggestions. The following is the speciafication of the converter, The input voltage...
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    Looking for the software of the power supply

    hello! everyone I'll be looking for the free software for the design of various topologies of power supply,such as flyback,forward,push-pull,...ect; I find it to use these software conveniet to calculate some parameters of transformer,so I want to get them. some software is done with the...
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    lossless snubber of forward converter

    lossless snubber hello! everyone who can provide a lossless snubber of the forward converter,which can snub the spike of the mosfet when the mosfet is on/off. TKS
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    the choice of input capacitor for PFC

    pfc input capacitor Hello! everyone, Is anyone available to tell me which kind of the capcitors is the best to be used for PFC's input capcitor, if possible ,please tell me the details of its manufactuer, whose capacitor is best to be certificted. TKS
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    the design for flyback transformer of PFM

    Helleo All, I want to design a PFM tranformer in the flyback converter,how can I calculate it? who can help to do it? thank you very much Best regards!

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