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    RH Linux 7.3 + Ment0r HDL Designer = HELP!

    how to use hdl designer on linux No, sorry. I never found a solution to the problem.
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    Does anybody use AMD64 to run EDA tools?

    From what I understand the ISO's for the 64-bit distro of RHEL 3 end in "amd64.iso" instead of "i386.iso". So the 64-bit version is compiled especially for the Opteron.
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    Does anybody use AMD64 to run EDA tools?

    The problem is, Synopsys and others are standardizing on Redhat Enterprise Linux 3, and the amd64 version is priced at $800 8O As far as I can tell there's no place to download the ISO's.
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    Problems with running Synplify 7.2.3 under Linux

    Same exact thing happened to me. I tried many different approaches, and asked lots of questions here. The only solution I've found is to run a floating license server on a Windows machine. Not the best solution since it requires another computer, but it works!
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    Need Synp!ify 7.2 linux license

    Not sure, but I think they updated the encryption seed for Linux..
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    Need Synp!ify 7.2 linux license

    I have confirmed that the Windows version 7.1 license will work with the Windows version 7.2 Synp!ify Pro. They must have changed something in the 7.2 Linux version because a Linux 7.1 license will not work...
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    Need Synp!ify 7.2 linux license

    synplify linux license Can anyone help me? Thanks, -danno
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    Anyone running Gentoo Linux??

    Hmm, I think the current release of Gentoo uses the 2.4.19+ kernel. while Redhat 7.x uses 2.4.18. Maybe I'll just try installing it on a spare hard disk and try it! -danno
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    Anyone running Gentoo Linux??

    Hi all, I'm currently running redhat 7.3 because all the EDA we use is "certified" for redhat 7.x. I run Syn*psys, MTI, Synp1ify, etc... Do these run, or can they be made to run, on Gentoo Linux?? I heard people claim that most linux EDA applications are designed for, and tested on, redhat...
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    What is the best Linux distro!

    You can get a beta release of Redhat's "Null" release. (It will be either RH 7.4 or 8.0, no one knows for sure yet.) It looks very nice, with updated gcc compilers and gnome 2.0, among other new features. Don't bother with the beta (it's still buggy), but if you can wait a month or so it...
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    Help! X/H/D/L 3.2 in RH 7.3

    I have x-hdl 3.2 for linux installed under Redhat 7.3. For a long time I couldn't even get it to run. I was getting an "XTEK_HOME" variable not set error message (even though I was setting the variable correctly) I finally figured out that you can't (at least I can't) run x-hdl under the BASH...
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    Help about m0delsim 56b on RedHat 73

    bad pointer access closing vish Hmm, The error message your getting doesn't seem to imply a license file problem. I'm running 5.6a with the modeltech daemon with no problems. Have you tried running that daemon? How are you generating your license? -danno
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    S/y/n/0/p/s/*/s tools error on RH73

    Which version of 2002.05 did you install? There are "special" syn*psys binaries for RH 7.x that will allow the GUI products to work. The standard 2002.05 linux package will only work with RH 6.2. (This applies only to the GUI interfaces. If you want to work exclusively in shell-mode than...
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    RH Linux 7.3 + Ment0r HDL Designer = HELP!

    error: could not create fontset for font Hmm, really!? I wonder if it's an issue with HDL Des1gner, then. In my case, the program _seems_ to run fine, and the menu items, text, etc. look OK. I just hate to see those error messages... Does RH 6.2 use the xfs font server to manage fonts, or...
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    RH Linux 7.3 + Ment0r HDL Designer = HELP!

    hdl designer linux Any ideas?? Anybody?? -danno
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    $ynplify Pro 7.1 under RH7.3

    It runs fine for me under RH 7.3 and all I did was download, decompress, and run! -danno
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    RH Linux 7.3 + Ment0r HDL Designer = HELP!

    could not create fontset for font I don't know if this is a RH Linux 7.3 problem, or an HDL designer problem, but when HDL designer starts up I get the following error message: Error:Could not create fontset for font '-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--14-100-100-100-p-82-ISO8859-1' The following...

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