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    ADS power calculation in EM-Model

    Hi, I have some questions about an EM-Model in ADS. I simulated a PCB with 3 differential ports and two ports to ground. After that, I inserted that model to my schematic, placed some components (s-parameter container of real measurements) and want to measure power, current and voltage between...
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    Hi, I measured a blackbox at one frequency and many different states (with a network analyzer). With the resulting S-Parameters (for every single state), i can describe this blackbox. The parameters of interest are only the input reflections (S11). Here is an example of the measurements -...
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    [SOLVED] SmithChart Fundamentals

    Hi, I got a question about simple smith chart basic: Szenario: I got the s-parameters of a network at only one frequency. The s-parameters are splitted into real -and imaginary part and measured with a network analyzer (50 Ohm termination). The parameter of interest is only S11. I want to plot...
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    Area Pin in momentum Simulation - ADS

    Hi, i want to simulate a PCB with area pins in ADS and found that article: https://muehlhaus.com/support/ads-application-notes/edge-area-pins I did exactly the same.. Unfortunately I got some warnings at momentum simulation. Here is my Layout with area pins at the input and output of the...
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    Advanced Design System - Stripline Calculation

    Hello, I try to design my second PCB with Keysight Advanced Design System (the first PCB was just a 50 ohm microstrip) and Im looking for a how-to or something else. The plan is to measure three components in series. Now, im looking for an idea to calculate the microstrip transmission lines...
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    Converting series-through s-parameter measurements to shunt configuration (ADS)

    Hi, I measured a voltage controlled capacitor with a network analyzer (NWA) in series-through configuration. That means: Port 1 of the NWA is connected with RF input of the capacitor, Port 2 accordingly with the output. For every capacitor bias voltage (1 V to 24 V with 0.1 V steps), i've got...

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