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    Looking for datasheet for cam

    hello i'm looking for datasheet for pn: 1PCEH170CCAMA kindly check in the photo thanks in advance
  2. Z

    Looking for voice recognition -for one word

    HI i'm looking for voice recognition IC or module to recognition one word only! (even in 90% accurate) i prefer IC that have low current and low pin count and once i hear this word it's can use Input/Output waiting to hear from you shortly! BR Zion Zofiof
  3. Z

    looking for cross cheap DC to DC

    HI I'm looking for Dc to Dc item Input 8-16 Vdc . Output 5 Vdc 0.3A @Isolated for PCB I attachment PDF with item that can use (mfr: TDK-Lambda pn: CC1R5-1205SF-E) But i'm looking something much lower in the price - as lower as better what do u have to offer me ? Zion
  4. Z

    Looking for Identify (connector)

    Hello As u can see in two photos i'm looking for Identify any details about it who's mfr? or where i can buy it ? thanks in advance
  5. Z

    looking for LED 3D LCD

    HI, I'm looking for new design LCD with following requirements LED 3D 100-120 Hz 19'' – 21 '' kindly offer me part number or company name the deal with that let me know thanks in advance
  6. Z

    looking for datasheet for LCD - pictures inside

    HI Kindly check the photos i'm looking for datasheet for this LCD As u can see that wrote on LCD Suffix file name 3248 - 62550101A306 LMBGAT032G27CK Suffix file name 3310- D62202C4K M032JGA Suffix file name 3335- MAN YA PLASTIC CROP. MADE IN TAIWAN M032J REV: A i need ASAP datasheet for...
  7. Z

    looking for Adhesive

    HI i'm looking for adhesive that become dry with UV light i know this adhesive going with EXFO S1000 as u can see in this link https://www.ldgi-omnicure.com/products-s1000.php thanks in advance
  8. Z

    looking for onboard small diagnostic device

    i'm looking for: An On-board small diagnostic device that is designed to monitor and diagnose various types of vehicle data. By integrating a GPRS module and GPS, data can be transmitted to remote servers for storage and analysis. kindly send me your recommend for it thanks in advance
  9. Z

    Lcd 7'' lb070wv3sd02

    Hi i'm looking to know in which products use for specific LCD mfr: LG pn: LB070WV3-SD02 i'll glad to get any link to kind of this products
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    Review for Plastic company form China

    HI someone know where can i find any review about this company https://www.hangsunplastic.com any info will be welcome thanks in advance
  11. Z

    Looking for Intel Datasheet

    Hello i'm looking for datasheet for Intel pn: GC80503CSM166EXT and GC80503CSM166EXT this all different is M kindly try to to help me this issues zion
  12. Z

    Alternative for HDPE Sabic

    Hello I'm searching a alternative manufacturer to HDPE F01552 produce by SABIC as u can see in the attachment HDPE it's High Density Polyethylene I'll glad to get your recommend.
  13. Z

    Looking for substitute mfr andrew cables

    Hello please help me to find cross substitute for https://www.commscope.com/ any recommendation will welcome
  14. Z

    Looking for Protocol for IC-F5061

    Hello I'm looking for protocol and at command for this products mfr: ICOM pn: IC-F5061 any help will be more than welcome
  15. Z

    Help me to identify from photo

    Hi Please see photo for item that i don't know what's it I just know/think the martial its something like ceramic/porcelain In addition, the product that i this item belong her it's use for diamond industrial on the item as u can see in the file note: first line: SHAGAL second line: 4803...
  16. Z

    looking for datasheet for laser item

    Hi please find the photos and help me to identify what's items I'm looking any info like pn? mfr? form where can i buy it? on it mention " F950-40P/M148704 031" Any help more than welcome!
  17. Z

    looking for Scheme for lg flatron l192ws-bn

    hello can someone share with me Scheme/Service manual for screem LG flatron l192ws-bn
  18. Z

    help to identify brash from photos

    HI please help me to identify item form the photo diameter: 5.7mm - 5.9mm length: 25m should be use for diamond ... thanks in advance
  19. Z

    Capacitor Charging Powersystem - cross

    Hi i'm looking for cross for Capacitor Charging Powersystemas u can see in the link Capacitor Charging Powersystem Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier From Uk thanks in advance
  20. Z

    Looking for cross to SCHURTER Power Entry

    Hi i'm looking for cross for Power Entry Modules Green illumination QC 10A No Drawer Pn: DD11.0114.1111 Mfr: SCHURTER datasheet: https://www.schurterinc.com/var/schurter/storage/ilcatalogue/files/document/datasheet/en/pdf/typ_DD11.pdf it's for my new schematic and i can accept with minor...

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