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    Advice how to get help to convert it to all to ASM?

    Advice I found some code on the internet that is suppose to do a big part of a a little hobby project I'm working on. problem: it's written in a combination of "C" but mostly asm. and is for a 16f876A PIC advice: how is the best way to get help to convert it to all asm. along with for a...
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    Crystal decoupling caps choice

    Crystal caps I've been using the internal clock on my hobby Pic micro projects. but now have a need to use a external crystal ( digikey #x1045-nd) which the data sheet says use 10-20 pf load caps . but I'm not sure what type is best (ceramic,film etc. ) just wondering what most use thanks
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    Pic micro to Sony Lanc port

    looking for some help for this hobby project .operating a Sony camcorder via the Lanc port with a Pic micro if anyone had done this and would be willing to answer a few ?'s thanks:?:
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    How to increase wireless video system range?

    I've built a homemade 1.2ghz wireless video surveillance system and I came up about 30yrds short on the range I needed what or some option to increase the range thanks
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    RF indicator for home surveillance project

    This is my 1st. Rf hobby project I'm working on a home surveillance project using a 1.2 mhz wireless video/audio transmitter/reciever, motion sensor and video camera. the transmitter will only be powered up when the cam is filming and the reciever will be on all the time. what I need is a...

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