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    uCOSii port for TI MSP430

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    uCOSii port for ARM - file to download

    ucos ii port for arm9 https://ucos-ii.com/contents/products/ucos-ii/downloads/ArmThumb.zip
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    uCOSii port for M16C - a link

    ucos2 for m16c https://ucos-ii.com/contents/products/ucos-ii/downloads/IAR-M16C-V252.ZIP
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    uCOSii port for M68HCxx - file to download

    hc08gp32.zip https://ucos-ii.com/contents/products/ucos-ii/downloads/IAR-M68HC12-uCOS-II-V261.ZIP
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    uCOSii port for H8 - link to zipped archive

    uCOSii port for H8 https://ucos-ii.com/contents/products/ucos-ii/downloads/Hitachi-H8-GNU-uCOS-II.zip
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    uCOSii port to 8051, 8052 and other microcontrollers

    sample code for porting ucosii in 8051 https://ucos-ii.com/contents/products/ucos-ii/downloads/Keil-uVII-8051.zip https://ucos-ii.com/contents/products/ucos-ii/downloads/80xc52.zip https://ucos-ii.com/contents/products/ucos-ii/downloads/t-xa.zip...
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    How to design low-frequency multiplier

    low frequency multiplier how to design PLL circuit? 20Hz-20Khz multiplier with 360. I use 74HC4046 and CD4059,It not work!! Help me design with other IC.
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    I find for Frequency Dividers IC

    What IC number? Thank.
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    What is Sign Flip Flop in phase application?

    In Phase application. I don't know. you know?

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