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    How do I control a MOSFET with an optical reflector?

    How do I control a IRFP3710 MOSFET with the OPB740WZ Optical Reflector? Is this how I would wire it up? I want the optical reflector controlling the MOSFET like a switch.
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    Optocoupling on a rotor disc

    I need to setup a switching device that gets its input from a high speed 3000 - 5000rpm rotating disc. Rotor disc is about 1.5 feet in diameter. Readings are to be made on the outer perimeter. My fear is mechanical commutator style switch is to slow, and not robust enough, there may be issues...
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    How do I build a frequency controlled switch?

    I want to take a steady DC Voltage of 15V-72V at 1.5amps and have it periodically drop to 0V. Below is the waveform I am looking for. I also want to be able to adjust the frequency of how often the downward spikes occur. I am looking to work in the range of 1Hz - 7kHz. I am thinking a simple...

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