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    250 mA 24 V power supply - 24V , 5A battery

    Im planning to make a power supply circuit. my source is 24 v ,5 A battery.how can i regulate the current so as to supply to a 250 mA ,24 V to a 2.45 Mega Ohms load.?
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    TRANSMET - The Automatic Message Switching System Cluster

    Hi,we r dealing with wheather forecasting system at dar es salaamTanzania.The system is automatic data exchanging to the global system.Few days ago we have countered a problem of not sending data to Nairobi(Global gateway).Is there anybody who can give me suggestion of why we face this problem...
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    250 mA 24 v Power supply adaptor

    Hi friends.im suposed to mdesign the full wave power supply for 250 mA,24 V.Canu advise me to find the easiest way to design either bridge circuit or not.thanks in advance
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    One floor house Electrical wiring.

    hi friends,Im having a project to install electrical wiring for one floor residential house. My plan was to isolate ground and first floor with different Distribution boards.All the security lights and stairs lights will be accomodated by ground floor Unit. Is there any body to help me for...
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    Network problem - he page is not loaded unless i restart PC

    Network problem Hi.Im using a desktop pc to browse internet in my office.currently im facing the access problem.the page is not loaded unless i restart the pc and start again.what should be the cause and how can i tackle this?can u please instruct me..!
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    PC Boot troubleshooting

    haey guyz.I downloaded yahoo messenger last night but i couldnt use it well because the window was not displaying the message from either side.I thought its just a normal problem.I then used msn and then shutdown my pc after finish.but yahoo pagewas not closing.then my aunt came and just...
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    computing Pulse Amplitude Modulation(PAM) by matlab.

    matlab pulse amplitude modulation Hi,can someone help me to compute the waveform of the PAM signal s(t) with pulse duration T=500;a sinusoidal signalof frequency f0=10000Hz sampled at the rate of 8kHz and then applied to a sample-and-hold circuit to produce a flat toppped PAM. can i show my...
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    How to make a color detector circuit?

    Hi guys. I have started a short project about color detector.Im lighting RGB Led is sequence to strike their light onto the object i want to detect, then LDR will get the reflected light from the object and make the voltage drop on the circuit(voltage devider).the voltage drop will get digitized...
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    Internet security Power point

    Hello can i have material concerning internet security. Thanks ...
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    Power point presentation about VPN

    Can sm1 help me power points of VPN lecture so as i can compare with mine. Kindly Regards Ghasia
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    Tone decoder for sensing and detecting frequency

    Hi,WHAt i know about tone decoder is that its used in sensing and detecting frequency.Can anybody widen my view on this topic. Thanks in advance.
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    What are the advantages of VPN?

    Can somebody explain the VPN and its advantages together with IP VPN. thanks in advance

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