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    LOWcost HighEnd µC Boards

    Check this out... https://www.glyn.de (also in english) They offer: -Mitsubishi M16C -Toshiba TLCS900 -Fujitsu F²MC 16LX board in different variations, all about 40-50 Euro!!!! You'll get your board with a free, unlimited c-compiler, all datasheets and so on! Really a good deal, I checked the...
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    Need datasheet for graphic LCD

    Hi, two years ago I ripped a graphic LCD panel...now I wanna use it and can't find a datasheet. The diplay is labeled as MGLS-8464V1 and has a 16pin Dataport (1-16) and two seperated pins (17-18) for a 50V controlled backlight. It uses a HD61830A Controller, two SED 1181 and one SED 1191. Is...

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