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    The USB LED Wand - displays floating image

    My project is basically a LED stick that can detect the hand motion and display a floating image. * 32 leds capable of displaying 32 vertical pixels * Three axis accelerometer * PIC24FJ64GB106 * HID USB device, no drivers necessary * HID USB bootloader, no drivers necessary...
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    Who can give me some CP2101 VCP drivers ?

    CP2101 VCP drivers Hi all Does anybody have the CP2101 VCP drivers and is open give me them? I have a project with this chip and I discovered after building the board that I need these drivers. Thank you! Please PM me.
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    OrCAD to PowerPCB inteface issue

    capture to powerpcb Hi, I'm experiencing a stupid problem when I transfer my sch to PowerPCB. By using Precience PCBNavigator anything works fine except the transfer of the Value attribute. I realy don't understand why the PCBNavigator does not include the value in the generated asc file. The...
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    software: Cadstar 6 is out

    Cadstar6 Cadstar 6 is out.
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    Proteus 5.2 SP7 and I2C memory - plz help

    proteus+i2c Hi to all, I am hardly trying to use the page programming feature of 24LC64 or 24LC128 but I can't write more than 2 bytes. The next bytes overwrites the 2'nd byte. Please help! Maybe someone succeded to use this feature or maybe Proteus did not support this mode... Thenks!

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