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    waking up circuit at particular voltage

    Voltage Hi all I have an RSSI output from my receiver. I would like to wake up the rest of the circuit when the RSSI output voltage goes above 0.6V. This voltage is uaually 0.4V and can go upto 1.5V. The system is running on a 3V supply. So I want to convert the voltage as follows 0-0.6 Volts...
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    another 1v to 5v dc-dc. please help

    dc voltage 1v to 5v Hello These have been discussed here before but my application is a bit different. I want to generage 5V from 1V. However my source is a solarcell and th output is a few milliamps, usually between 1 and 5mA. I want to use this to top-up a rechargable battery, however due to...
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    where to find part: 40.680mhz xtal

    where to find part: 40.680mhz xtal mostly used in RC tranmitters/recievers, remote door bells, etc cant find on farnell, or digikey
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    looking for circuit diagram for 27mhz, 40mhz, or 49 mhz RC

    circuit diagram of rc helicopter Hi I am trying to make my own transmitter that should work with 40MHZ OOK reciever for RC helicopter. I have found this circuit from net. https://www.webx.dk/rc/xtwin/convert17012006.gif but i dont understand this well or how to conver it to 40mhz. can some...
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    Looking for DAC and ADC

    Hi I am running a circuit with +5V. Is there a DAC that will provide +1 to -1 Volts at 10 bits and an ADC to convert this +1 to -1V to a readable value? Regards
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    +5V to -5V conversion of powered supplied vis USB

    hi all i am designing a micro controller circuit that is powered by usb. but some of the functionality need +5 to -5 volt range while usb provides only +5 volt, is there an easy way to convert the +5 to -5 volts as well?

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