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    Chip Antenna simulation for CST Microwave Studio

    Hi, anyone here knows any tutorial or has tried simulating chip antenna in CST? I am trying to model one but I am not sure if I am doing it properly without reference. How do you model the dielectric in the chip? And do you need to simulate the matching network as well? Any help would be...
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    How to split S-parameters into two symmetric halves? For de-embedding.

    I'm trying to characterize a WR90 waveguide-to-coaxial adapter thru the VNA by attaching it to an identical pair. So the coaxial ends of each adapter are connected to the VNA ports while the rectangular ends are connected against each other. Now I measured the full S-parameters for these...
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    Mode matching technique for step transition in Rectangular to Circular Waveguide?

    I've been designing step transitions for Rectangular to Circular waveguide, and I'm trying to search for any concepts regarding how to determine the optimal dimensions of the intermediate steps for this transition. From what I learned each step length should be kept at least to 1/4 of the guide...
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    How to properly define Circular TE11 waveguide mode in CST and HFSS?

    I'm designing a rectangular to circular taper transition in HFSS and CST, but doesn't seem to get it right. How should I define the TE10 for rectangular and the TE11 for circular (they say this is degenerate but i dont undestand what that means) in CST? or HFSS? Can someone explain this to me...
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    Improving Waveguide-to-Coax Transitions

    I've seen some researches on waveguide-to-coax transitions doing simulations to improve the response of the transitive by varying the design parameters/dimensions of the transition until it gets the best match possible. Now beyond than that, does anyone know other methods on how a wg2cx...
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    How to deembed the effects of the waveguide on a waveguide-to-coax transition?

    I'm investigating the S-parameters of a waveguide-to-coax transition and I want to know how to remove (deembed?) the effects of the waveguide itself to the transition. How to do it? After doing the normal simulation of the transition with waveguide (thru CST), should I make a second simulation...

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