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    difference between database grid and manufacturing grid?

    manufacturing grid recently I noticed in my tech file, it stated as follows, 0.001 Database Grid (for 3rd party tools) 0.01 Manufacturing Grid size and snap spacing what's the difference between database grid and manufacturing grid? how can i set grid in layout then? thanks...
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    calibre LVS problem. design layer for pin text

    calibre text Hi, Calibre LVS shows I should not use design layer for pin text. however, design manual did not mention I should not. what's wrong with that? Thanks...
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    problem with Cadence Virtuoso layout editor

    cadence virtuoso Hi, I used Cadence Virtuoso layout editor and set display X/Y snap spacing to 0.01. However, while I tried to draw rectangular layers, I could not draw what I want. It seems that snap is much bigger than 0.01, so I either get huge rectangular or nothing. How can I set to draw...
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    problem while using cadence calculator DFT

    edaboard coffeelox Hi there, I am trying to measure my 10 bits ADC ENOB. My input signal is 7.5KHz sine wave, sampling frequency is around 552KHz (required by application). And output is the sampled data through dac (written in veriloga, no filter). First, I selected my input signal and do...

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