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    [REQUEST] - Stag Quasar 1040 Universal Programmer Software

    quasar 1040 Hi all! I can't find software for this programmer anywhere :(, so I would like to know if anyone else knows where can I get it! Thanks in advance
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    Magnetic Ring vehicle detector

    Hi all, Does anyone know a manufacturer of this kind of systems? (I'm looking for a simple one, just needs to send an impulse when he detects a car, not a complex one, like 3M, with time-stamping etc.....) Thanks in advance P.S: it should be able to detect both stoped and moving vehicles.
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    Electrical panel design software

    Hi, I need this kind of software, and i would like to know what kind of things exist, whats the most complete, whats the easyest to work with, etc... Thanks in advance

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