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    How to convert Verilog code to block diagram or schematics?

    verilog to schematic Hey, I am almost new to hardware design. I have a Verilog project written in Al.tra Qua.rtus II. It is so hard to go through the codes. I wonder if there is a software which can convert this project to a block diagram or schematic.
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    IEEE802.11b bandwidth

    Hi As you know IEEE802.11b uses DSSS for its phy level. It uses 11-chip barker code. for 5.5Mbps mode, the modulation is BPSK. it means that without DSSS, it needs 5.5MHz bandwidth. using 11-chip Barker code increase the frequency to around 60.5MHz. but the bandwidth of the IEEE802.11b is 11Mhz...
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    WiMax PHY & MATLAB 2006

    Hi, I have heard MATLAB 2006 has a simple implementation of WiMax PHY. I cannot find anything in Mathwork about that. if any one has this version of MATLAB please let me know if it is true or not.
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    automatically login: javascript

    I have asked this question in Network section but no reply was sent. So I decided to ask it here that may some javascript programmer see this: The question is how to submit a form (especially username/password forms) when the web has used javascript. In simple HTML programming you can send the...
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    automatically login to a server

    Hi Using .NET, I intend to develop an application which automatically login into a web page. It is easily possible for some servers such as Yahoo. But I have problems with HTTP applications written by javascript. I describe the problem in more details here...
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    Tutorial for learning TCL programming

    TCL e-book Dear all any one is interested in learning TCL programming? there is a very usefull tutorial on the web at : https://invece.org/tclwise/ it is free enjoy!
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    Modelsim error when loading design

    modelsim error?? Dear All i am working with modelsim 5.8, i have written my verilog codes and modelsim can compile all of them. but when i want to load my top module after loading all modules it writes #Error loading design why?? what can i do??? i really couldn't solve it. thanks?
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    I/O terminology in FPGA

    Dear All As i have been reading FPGA documents I encountered some terminologies in I/O topic which i cannot realize their meaning. what is the meaning of: single ended I/O differential I/O DCI I/O these words are widely used in spartan-3 Xilinx documents! Thanks,
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    Looking for Verilog programming e-book

    nyasulu verilog Hi I am a new user to verilog programming and i am trying to find a good e-book from beginning to end. I have checked the edaboard UP/Downlopad but it seems non-of them are suitable for me. any one have any idea?? thanks
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    converte C codes to verilog codes

    Dear all Is there any tool which converts a program written in C to verilog?
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    Looking for an op-amp like LM741 but with lower noise

    lm741 footprint Hi every one I have dsigned a circuit with lm741 but its high input noise and its low slew rate is so bad for my circuite.is there an op-amp like lm741 but with lower noise and higher slew rate.note that is footprint must be same as 741. thanks
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    What idoes RV refer to and what it is ?

    what is RV? Can any one help me that what RV refer to and what it is? I am recommended to put 2 RV 160 Vrms 250v 10j between tel line. ------------------------------------------- TIP | _|_ |__| RV1...
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    What is the heap size in TMS linker command?

    TMS linker quetion Hi can any one explain the blow sentence. it is a description for -heap option of linker command of TMS320c3x/4x i cannot understand what this option does? Set heap size (for the C memory pool command malloc()) to size words and define the global symbol _SYSMEM_SIZE to...
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    How does a telephone system work

    How telephone Work? Hi see the following site: https://www.hut.fi/Misc/Electronics/circuits/teleinterface.html#general i found it very useful for understanding telephone system and design interface circuits for telephone such as cunnect soundcard to it. regards :)
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    How to use DirectX for C# in a PC ?

    DirectX Hi one ofthe easiest way to have an access with PC hardwares in windows is using DirectX. but i don't know how use it.my used languge is c# and my book said to me write:using Microsoft.DirectX but it doesn't work and compiler get error not any namespace related is exist... anybody can...
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    What is System-C and what is it used for?

    system-c what is system-c and for what it is used?
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    What is an ISA and PCI and why are they used?

    ISA and PCI Hi is there anybody who can explain me what is ISA and why it is used? and is PCI sth like ISA but improved it or not? :?: Thanks Best Regards!
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    what Embedded System means??

    Hi every one I am a new in FPGA and starting to learn spartan-II of Xilinx but there is some words in it i donot understand that can anybody explain them.or introduce a site for them: embedded system GNU MicroBlaze Platform if anyone can each of these understandig words for me i will be very...
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    publishing web applications

    Hi I want to have a site over internet for our small company and for that i design a web by ASP.NET with C# as behind languge on my computer (localhost) and now i want to publish it on the server that i choose...but don't know what to do....is there any body help me :(
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    C programing & directory

    Hi I want to make a Directory Hirarchy (such as we have seen when we click browse button) in VC++ or C# but i don't know what to do. i know it is related to treeview but how can i tell computer to use my PC information for tree nodes.Is there anybody who can help me?

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