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    charge pump design in hspice

    The problem is the capacitor sizes (In reality the voltages. 130nm devices will not survive 5V). If you change c1-c4 to 0.2pf it might show you what you expect.
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    Sampling analog values at 2 kHz

    I think you can use a recursive moving average filter. Recursive Implementation
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    frequency response od LDO circuit

    Yes it is true. To get the correct bias point you use an inductor to break the feedback loop. The AC source should be applied to -("vin vref 0 1.22 AC 1"). The cap should be at + to GND. The reason is your input is vref. The gain is vref/vout. You want the + input to be at AC ground, hence...
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    why does the voltage output of a scaler op amp configuration shift (increases) ?

    The input bias current is pretty high, and your resistors are pretty large so that may be the problem. Do you have an input bias compensation resistor of RF||Rin?
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    frequency response od LDO circuit

    The Cap should be connected to an AC gnd, like GND. The AC stimulus should be applied at vref.
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    Current Limiting Circuitery

    Something like this could work
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    frequency response od LDO circuit

    I can not see your image, but your description sounds wrong. The inductor should provide a dc path, but an AC open. It should be in in series with the feedback path. The capacitor should be at the point of feedback to the error amplifier to provide an AC ground. The AC signal should be at...
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    Gate oxide breakdown voltage conditions

    You need to know the maximum allowed voltage for the oxide. The breakdown voltage is usually ~3x the max allowed voltage. Running near the breakdown voltage will result in very short lifetimes.
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    design of high speed transimpedence amplifier (texas instrument chip)

    The 50pA must be input bias, not operating current.
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    curent to voltage conversion

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    TIP142 Stepper motor driver

    Each output is shorted together and to 24V?
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    Can any body help me on this matlab program

    Does this work. It does not on my old matlab but in up to date versions I think 64 bit integers are supported. i=uint64(90030021002145212); b=uint64(90030021003000000); while(i<b) fprintf('%u\n',i); i=i+1; end
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    startup ciruit ...how does the node 1 go to vdd...?Thankyou...

    This device is diode connected. At startup with zero current flowing the vgs will stay below vth (it does not need to be at vdd) when the power is applied slowly.
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    Converting an analog input called "SPEED" (level=24V) to a signal suitable for MOSFET

    Re: Converting an analog input called "SPEED" (level=24V) to a signal suitable for MO I think the circuit could be ok with 3 changes. 470k to 400k, 30k to 100k, and a pull-up resistor of 6k. The filtering on the signal is already very high. What kind of signal is it. I assumed just a...
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    Converting an analog input called "SPEED" (level=24V) to a signal suitable for MOSFET

    Re: Converting an analog input called "SPEED" (level=24V) to a signal suitable for MO 1.4V nominal gate drive is too low. Especially if you consider the room temp threshold can be 1.5V, the divider tolerance could be large, and the 24V likely is +/- 5-10%
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    Solonoid valve data needed for use with switching current regulation

    1. The typical operating current is a well defined parameter in the datasheet 60Ohms+/-10%. Then there will be a temperature coefficient of 3900ppm/K. 2. The inductance you will have to measure. 3. You do not need to know the actuation current level. The 390mA is the maximum current...
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    Converting an analog input called "SPEED" (level=24V) to a signal suitable for MOSFET

    Re: Converting an analog input called "SPEED" (level=24V) to a signal suitable for MO Definitely a drain resistor like FvM suggested. Also you need more gate drive. A NPN is would be cheaper.
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    Help in Bandgap waveform....

    Did you intend to have m0[0:3] diode connected?
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    Driver for 2 coils latching relay

    Something like the attached driven by your tx and rx 12V signals might work. You may have to buffer the signals driving the caps.
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    Stupid question about capacitance

    Another way to view it is 5V is also ac ground so they are in parallel.

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