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  1. A.Rashad

    Matlab Learning tutorial and study Material

    Hello, I have worked on 8051/AVR/ARM7 and familiar with C language, Now I want to start with Matlab and Simulink, can any one suggest me the steps I should follow to learn and start working on these softwares ? please suggest me study material /Book/Online Tutorials for this !!!
  2. A.Rashad


    I need to interface sim300 to ARM lpc2148, sIM300 gsm MODEM is working fine on hyperterminal , but as soon as I connect Tx RX of lpc2148 to Tx Rx of Modem , Its not working, means simultaneously I have connected RS232 cable to GSM modem, I am not able to see any response or command from ARM to...
  3. A.Rashad

    Atmega 8 hardware design issues

    Hi, I want to study the exact hardware design constraints for ATMEGA 8 , Apart from Datasheet, Is there any other document which explains this ?
  4. A.Rashad

    [Moved] how to change avalue of macro during execution?

    Is there any means to change value of a macro depending on some execution during run time ? e.g #define VALUE A now I want this A to get different values during code execution , say in main () A=x+y; A can be different values based on x or y, how can I assign Value of this variable to macro...
  5. A.Rashad

    ARM7 LPC2148 Serial Communication using Interrupt

    Hello, I want to execute some instructions when uart of lpc2148 receives data , I want to use interrupts, will ISR get invoke when data will come on UART recieve buffer?
  6. A.Rashad

    Reset Pin of LPC2148 is High on start

    My Microcontroller's (LPC2148) reset pin remains high continously. when I press reset switch the voltage on reset pin goes to 0 ie. shorting to ground but when i releases the reset switch , it comes 2.15 volts? please suggest SCHEMATIC ATTACHED... Note : In schematic's reset circuit the...
  7. A.Rashad

    Reset of lpc2148 for code execution

    Hello, Why I need to press reset of lpc2148 board every time to start the Application code execution every times? e.g If I have written code for the LCD , the code does not run untill I press reset, for all the codes like UART/ADC or anything else , I need to press Reset. Please suggest.
  8. A.Rashad

    GPS module Not working

    Hello , I am using ME2530A2 GPS Module which works on 5Volt and outputs NMEA data format , My module was giving me accurate latitude longitutde, I have worked with it many times, but now suddenly it is giving latitude and long. as 0000.000N, 00000.E , I have not issued any command from my host...
  9. A.Rashad

    ARM7 LPC2148 Development Board

    Hello, I have design a schematic for LPC 2148 Board , But its not working , I am attaching the Schematic pdf , please suggest, I t has one programming connector , 2 Uart connectors for GPS and Zigbee , 1 3 pin Battery connector. When I am trying to burn code using Flash magic , it gives error...
  10. A.Rashad

    4 Bit LCD interfacing to ARM lpc2148

    /*Program for LCD interfacing to ARM Microcontroller */ /*Robota Corporation*/ /*************************************************************************************************/ //Port 1.16-1.23 should be connected do Data pins of LCD(1.16=LSB) //Port 0.16 should be connected to Rs pin...
  11. A.Rashad

    GPS module for Millatary application

    I am working on a defence project , where i need a GPS module which should withstand shocks and vibration . which make provides such GPS module?
  12. A.Rashad

    GPS module interfaced to ARM7

    I have to work on GPS module , which should be interfaced to LPC2148's UART.Which GPS module should i go for ? What format of protocol i will need ? Does this GPS will work on receiving some AT commands or will it directly output the data at its TX pin? What will be the format of data at output...
  13. A.Rashad

    Load cell and signal conditioning

    I am working on czl-601 load cell which gives me maximum o/p of 24 mv if i give supply voltage of 12 v(2mv/v ). I want this to be interfaced to lpc2148 inbuilt ADC, I need to amplify this 24 mv signal to 3.3 volt , i used opamp741 in inverting amplifier mode with gain of (3300/24==>137.5), but...
  14. A.Rashad

    Atmega 128 fuse bits setting

    How do i program the fuse bits of atmega 128 for external crystal operation ? what values should i put for low and high fuse bits? how should i avoid locking of chip?
  15. A.Rashad

    Volatile Variable in C?

    What is Volatile Variable in C? What is the role of Volatile variable in Embedded Application Programming? Please Suggest Some Example code..
  16. A.Rashad

    Which registers to configure for setting PWM for timer 0 or 1 in AVR ATMEGA 32?

    Hi , which registers to configure for setting PWM for timer 0 or 1 in AVR ATMEGA 32? Where can i find some example code?
  17. A.Rashad

    Stack and Data Memory variables

    Can anyone suggest , 1) When a variable in C will store on Stack? 2) When A variable will be stored on Data memory of controller? Are these functionality of, 'variable storage area ' is storage class dependent? If yes , Which Storage class, stores variable where?
  18. A.Rashad

    AVR Fuse Bits setting with Sinaprog

    I need to set fuse bits for Atmega 8 , High Fuse bits : from D9 to F9 for disabling fyrther programming .. I am using Sinaprog front end for AVR dude , When I sets Fuse Bits to F9 and click Write AVR dude Error Message comes , and fuse bits remain unchanged , I reinstall AVR dude also ! What...
  19. A.Rashad

    Ethernet to serial RS232 Conversion

    Is there any device available which can convert Ethernet Data into 2 different RS232 port ? If no how can we design ? Port 1 is 8080, Port 2 is 1020 !
  20. A.Rashad

    Drawbacks of Recursive function

    HI , can any one suggest , what are the disadvantages of recursive functions ?

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