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    hi, cud anyone pass a pdf or a book or some link for learning verilog pli..thanks :) Added after 1 hours 10 minutes: anyone??? anything ?
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    advanced vhdl material..books,pdfs etc.

    advanced vhdl topics plz cud u send any links, upload pdfs, books etc. for advanced vhdl and verilog topics(ie. pointers, testing, writing test bech etc). 10x
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    how to set ncsim simulator as the default simultor

    how to set ncsim simulator as the default simultor for simulation on xilinx ????
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    can CRC do eror correction too ?

    hdd crc eror -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- crc r used for error detection , can they be used for eror correction also ? if so, upto hom many bits ? links , any material wud be appreciated.

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