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    Matlab -- Image restoration

    matlab image restoration try using low pass filter or averaging ...
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    which DSP book you recommend?

    orafanedes.. and for beginers dsp by lyons .. 4 matlab.. dsp using matlab by proakis
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    predictive encoder in simulink

    search on matlabcentral.com
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    Links to websites with DSP books

    need books on dsp https://university.arabsbook.com/forum22/thread20744.html https://www.blogtoplist.com/rss/electrical-engineering.html
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    DSP Applications Using C and the TMS320C6x DSK

    Newbie in DSP @menz .. srch the forum... try d foll frezeit.co.nr https://university.arabsbook.com/forum22/thread20744.html https://www.blogtoplist.com/rss/electrical-engineering.html
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    Looking for references about adaptive digital filters

    Adaptive filters Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing by Manolakis, Ingle, and Kogon
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    Looking for books about DSP with FPGA

    DSP with FPGA try frezeit .. also u can use emule p2p software for searching ebooks
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    How this autocorellation problem was solved ?

    autocorellation take z-transform of the eqn y(n)= x(n)−x(n − 1).. u will get H(z).. actually can u tell which part of sol u hv not understood..
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    how I compare two signals?

    cross correlation...
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    Suggestion of books to learn basics of Matlab/Simulink

    MATLAB BOOK u can use the foll: dsp - a comp based approach by mitra dsp using matlab by proakis srch forums also here. many other matlab ebooks r available..
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    Final year topics in speech processing

    speech processing look at these theses **broken link removed**
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    which is the best book for dsp?

    search forum.. it has been discussed b4
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    What to consider before implementing Kalman filter?

    Kalman filter search on matlabcentral
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    Looking for tutorials for using TI processors in DSP

    new to dsp browse d forums .. many newbie questions have been discussed b4... Added after 49 seconds:
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    Recommend a book to start learning DSP

    help DSP!plz s.k.mitra's DSp- a comp based approach
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    Books for beginners in DSP

    dsp beginner,help! use the web casts courses of MIT ror BERKELEY..
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    Need help on FIR filter design

    chk DSp by ifeachor OR dsp a comp based app by MITRA
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    DSP Applications Using C and the TMS320C6x DSK

    Newbie in DSP incase u r using matlab then u can use - DSP a comp based approach by S.K.Mitra.. it has many matlab examples and more questions.. i think d sol manual of this is also available in this site..
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    Signal Processing in Matlab

    digital signal processing using matlab 2006 dsp using matlab by proakis is also a gud one..
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    Suggest any good books for Wavelets

    has any1 got the link for this (above mentiond) book/...? plz post d link thanx

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