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    looking for "DUAL OUTPUT TENS UNIT "March ’97 issu

    tens unit schematic Hi all!!! I am looking for a link or schematic of a PIC based (OR ANOTHER MICROCONTROLLER) TENS (TRANSCUTANEOUS ELECTRICAL NEURAL STIMULATOR). The TENS must have frequency adj, voltage adj and display and some programmable features, etc... I am looking for too a article...
  2. J

    Long time pic controlled timer

    Hi all I need a long time pic controlled timer , like the article in siliconchip, PROGRAMMABLE PIC POWERED TIMER(ART A-30308) See the link : hxxp://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_30808/article.html Thanks in advance. Regards. jackrs:D
  3. J

    How does the voltage and current tracking circuit work?

    Voltage tracking circuit Hi !! How work the voltage and current tracking circuit (serial and parallel) used in dual voltages power supplies ??? Any example or schematics??? Thanks in advance. jackrs 8)
  4. J

    INSTEK GPC-3030D schematics needed

    Hi all !! I need schematics of INSTEK GPC-3030D , Triple Output DC Power Supply, 30V/3A (x2). Thanks in advance. jackrs 8)
  5. J

    Suggest me a voltage tracking circuit

    Voltage tracking circuit Hi all. Can someone suggest me a circuit to use in tracking voltage when i use two isolated power supply placed in series or parallel, making power supply A master and power supply B slave. Any voltage changed in A is followed by B. Thanks in advance. Best Regards...
  6. J

    Dual tracking power supply schematics

    tracking psu Hi all. I need schematics of any 30V or 20V - 3A dual tracking power supply, like https://www.testequipmentdepot.com/instek/powersupplies/gpcseries.htm Thanks in advance. jackrs 8)
  7. J

    Needed V/I Curve tracer project

    curve tracer schematic Hi all. I'm looking for a good V/I Curve Tracer project or schematic to build. Can someone help me ??? Thanks in advance. Best regards. jackrs 8)
  8. J

    Need Sequential lamps circuit for a big Cristhmas tree

    4017/555 ic circuit Hi all !! I'm looking for a sequential lamps circuit using PIC 16f84 or 4017/555/4015 and others. Can someone suggest me a circuit , upload a article or point a link? Thanks in advance. jackrs 8)
  9. J

    [Req] Yaesu FT-102 Service Manual

    yaesu ft 102 Hi all . I need Yaesu FT 102 service manual. File uploaded or link are welcome... Thanks in advance. Regards. jackrs 8)
  10. J

    Req: Tektronix TDS 200 service manual / schematics

    Hi all I need Tektronix TDS 200 service manual / schematics. Thanks in advance. jackrs
  11. J

    Bench top calculator for download

    A simple but usefull calculator. Calcs some math functions, wave lengh and frequencies, dB conversions, VSWR, etc. Maybe this help someone... jackrs
  12. J

    ladder crystal filter design

    crystal filter design Hi all !! Where i find some information about ladder crystal filter design ?? I need how to calc bandpass, insertion loss, impedance (input and output)...etc. Thanks in advance. Best Regards jackrs 8)
  13. J

    WS 50 - WELLER schematic needed

    weller ws 50 Hi all !!! I need electrical schematic of ws50 - weller soldering station. If someone can help me... Thanks in advance !! Best regards jackrs 8) OBs: Thank you ME for the tip , but i really need the WS 50 model schematic ( the pcb and various devices are destroyed in a...

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